Will Smith Flat Top (Detailed Look + Gallery)

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When your able to take a hairstyle and have it branded the “Will Smith Flat Top” it speaks to the level of influence the prime-time TV Show had.

Throughout the early seasons of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air we saw a young Will in his distinctive afro fade top which not only marks time but has cultural significance.

Our editorial highlights his signature hairstyles throughout the show which includes a detail gallery.

Will Smith Flat Top (Detailed Look)

As the name suggests, the afro flat top is a style in which hair on the crown area has been shaven on top to give it a flat profile and faded sides.

Will Smith Flat Top hairstyle

The view from the front and sides creates a more boxed looked as opposed to the original circular shape of an afro.

In the image above we can clearly see fresh prince flat top and shaven sides!

History of the Flat Top

Hip Hop hairstyles began to grow in popularity as the genre started to gain mass appeal throughout the 80s and 90s, one of those styles was the Afro Flat Top.

the Best Hip Hop Hairstyles

As the saying goes, art imitates life therefore the hairstyles worn during this era was a reflection of how black youth were choosing to express themselves.

As well as Will Smith we can accredit Vanilla Ice Hair for taking this style and making it cross over as well as Kid n Play being pioneers of the style.

The flat top fade was one of the first defining hairstyles of hip-hop and this is very important to note, why? Because it begins to give the genre a visual identity.

Extended Gallery

Our gallery includes various images of Will’s Afro Fade during the 90s, as well as the many different hairstyles he’s influenced which includes different colours and patterns.

will smith flat top in the 90s
Will Smith Flat Top
Will Smith high top

How to Maintain the Afro Flat Top

Maintaining the Afro Flat Top comes down to 1 thing which is biweekly visits to your barber.

Depending on how fast your hair grows you may want to go weekly.

We suggest every 2 weeks as this will enable the flat top to maintain its boxed shape whilst your sides are faded for a complimentary finish!

Recreating Will Smith’s 90s Flat Top Fade is something we suggest you leave to the professionals.

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