Swae Lee Dreads (Detailed Look)

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While Swae Lee dreads are no longer a thing since the rapper decided to chop them off back in 2020 we have decided to cover his previous look in detail.

While we have multiple rappers with dreads today, Swae Lee’s dreads set him apart from his peers due to their unique look and style.

Our editorial will cover the method used by Swae Lee to start his dreads, the colouring, detailed video, his previous styles and the current hairstyle he has today, alongside a gallery with multiple images. 

How and when did Swae Lee start his Dreads?

Swae Lee Dreads evolution

When: From watching his hip hop videos such as No flex zone we can see that Swae Lee began his dreads journey in 2014. He had grown them relatively long in the 6 year period before transitioning over to braids.

How: Due to his hair type being a 4B (Afro textured kinky hair) we can see he began his dreads through twisting his hair and leaving them to mature.

While some people decide to start by free forming, 2 strand twists or with comb coils it appears that Swae lee began his through regular twisting which would then mature on.

Detailed Video Look

We have linked a video from Great locs who does a great job detailing each stage of Swae Lee Dreads past look and his current braids.

Taking a closer look we can see that he decided to change his dreads for braids!  This process was achieved by trimming some dreads whilst combing out the rest, detailed in the video!



Swae Lee Hair (Current and Previous Look)

Swae Lee braids

Current Look: While this is a post about his dreads we should state that his hair is currently in box braids. Swae Lee used his social media accounts to showcase his new look for his fans to see back in 2020.

While a shock at the time, we have learnt to get used to his new look. He now alternates between various hairstyles such as twists, cornrows and high top braids.

Previous Look: For the past 7 years we had been accustomed to Swae’s dyed blonde dreads which were cut in the front to create his fringe.

He had been growing them for over 8 years before he decided to shave his hair. Prior to that his dreads were traditional medium size and healthy.

Swae Lee Dread Gallery

Dyed Hair

The hair dye process will of course be unique to each and every individual. In Swae Lee’s case it helped create a look for the artist as he became synonymous for having his blonde dye.


Twist Out

braid out

One of Swae’s signature looks was the twist out which we saw him wear multiple times. One of the benefits from doing the 2 strand twist on dreads is the unravelling which creates the curly look.

The twist out is a result of his hair being tied closely together for weeks on end then being undone to create this look or using curl rollers. Either way it’s a dope look for him.

Our twists for men posts further details different styles you may be able to try whether you have dreads or not.  

Tied Up

dreads tied up

The Dread bun was the perfect solution for Swae to remove hair from his face from time to time, especially during physical activities. He often wore this style due to its simplicity.  

Often wrapping the bun with an elastic ban to hold the hair in place with the occasional 2 or 3 dreads hanging down. This look became great for him and something we continue to see other artists with dreads do.

More from Gallery

dread pics

2 bun dreads


Achieve the Same Look

Now that we have given you a detailed look into Swae Lee Dreads and the process he underwent to achieve this look you may be asking yourself a few questions such as,

How do I get dreads like Swae Lee?

This will require either twisting or comb coiling your hair to start the foundation. Dreads will take some time to mature and lengthen.

Once you begin to gain length, the distinctive look comes in the form of cutting your front dreads to create the fringe look that he wore.

This simple addition to your locs is what creates the swae lee look with the option to dye hair.

Achieving this look requires time, patience and allowing your hair to freeform.

Talk to a loctician and get a Consultation

We can’t stress enough the importance of talking to a Loctician. They literally work on dreadlocks for a living so ensure you speak to one whilst sharing your desired goal.

Ensure you save the images of your desired style to show your loctician and explain what you’re looking for as a visual example of the best starting point!

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