Dave East Braids (Detailed Look)

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Outside of being regarded one of the best new rappers coming from New York City, Dave East has made an effort to separate himself from his peers, this is evident by his braided hair and fashion sense. Back in 2018 the rapper made the conscious decision to grow his hair which has resulted in Dave East Braids now being a huge part of his brand.

Though he was trolled over social media at the start of his hair journey today he is regarded one of the most attractive rappers with braids.

Our editorial will give you a detailed look at the entire Dave East Braids hair journey starting from 2018 when he began the process.


When and How to Dave East start his Braids?


When: Dave East began his hair growth Journey in 2018, prior to this he wore the buzz cut for a few years before changing his appearance and hairstyle.


How: Dave began to grow out his afro hair to set the foundation for his braids, within this time he placed his hair in Bantu knots. This was done to preserve his short length and reduce any chance of shedding. As we know constant combing and brushing leads to hair shedding (natural part of the hair journey process)

By placing your hair in knots you reduce this, resulting into faster hair growth.



Dave East Braids (Signature Cornrows)

dave east braids

dave east braids in 2022

traditional cornrows

traditional cornrow

cornrows in hip hop

Dave continues to alternate between cornrow patterns. This being between the traditional cornrows down to his neck and his side cornrows with a middle parting.

The history of cornrows runs deep in Black culture which is why Hip Hop artists continue to sport their hair this way.

Fun Fact: The style was originally used as a communication method amongst African slaves.


Off Scalp Braids

One of the benefits braids provides is the option to plait them against your scalp or off. Dave East Braids can be seen worn multiple times off scalp. This offers a different look from his traditional cornrow.

His braids thick in appearance and longer in length provides him the option to tie his hair in a ponytail.



Buzz Cut

Buzz cut dave east

Now that we have covered his braids in detail we can’t end without showing you his beginning phase. As the masses became more familiar with Dave East back in 2012 we saw him sporting the buzz cut.

We have documented archives such as music videos, interviews and photoshoots with Dave in his relatively low haircut at the initial start of his journey.

Within Hip Hop this has seemed to be the style of choice for most rappers since the genres inception. Today however we have countless rappers being much more creative and expressive with their hair, Dave being one of them.



Tips to maintain Cornrows

Dave East braids go through a thorough process to ensure they stay healthy and clean all year round. This is what enables his length, thickness and hair growth. We have listed the main tips to include in your routine to achieve the same results.


Constantly moisturize your scalp
Your scalp is an extension of your skin, and you wouldn’t leave the house with your skin unattended do, so don’t do this to your scalp. This can be as simple as spraying rose water daily or any light water based spray.


Oil your Scalp
Oil helps in scalp health and is vital for thick hair growth and as you can see Dave’s hair is very thick. Certain oils that help promote thickness are olive oil and coconut oil.


Protect your hair while sleeping with a Durag
Protecting your hair is very important and you want to ensure that your hair is protected as you move around in your sleep during the night. Not only does it control your hair frizz but cotton has been known to dry afro hair, this is why we advise you to protect it at night.

If you prefer not to, you have the option to sleep with a silk pillowcase.


Ensure you take your Hair out every 6 Weeks
Simple, this is just hygiene! Your hair has been exposed to multiple layers of dirt and environmental factors which requires up keep! Wash days are your best friend!


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