The Best Chris Waddle Mullet Moment (Gallery)

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Some of the world’s most defining sports moments happened in the 80s and 90s, one of these moments belongs to the Chris Waddle Mullet reveal.

To coincide with popular culture athletes began to incorporate the trend of the time which is why we saw the mullet becoming more accepting during this period.

From his blonde tips, side quiff to blow out mullet our editorial features a gallery of all his best moments.

Chris Waddle Mullet Gallery

Blonde Hair Tips

In an era where most mullets were uniform we saw Chris have his ends dyed lighter to contrast against his darker roots.

Chris Waddle Mullet with blonde tips
Image Credit – REX/Colorsport

As if the hairstyle itself wasn’t a statement piece, this was further enhanced with the use of colour and something that’s gone on to mark time.

In a 2023 world its normal for players to get their hair dyed, remember Phil Foden Haircut in all blonde embracing his Eminem Hair influenced slim shady persona!

This daring addition to his mullet demonstrated that Waddle was not afraid to experiment and push boundaries, both in terms of his style and his football skills.

Side Quiff

The mullet comes in multiple variations and here we can see hair brushed to the side to create the side quiff.

Chris Waddle Mullet with side quiff

Naturally this would create a subtle side parting with longer which would naturally complete the look.

The beauty of the mullet is that it can be worn in the traditional sense (no colour, fades or styles) or with modern variations.

The side quiff at front helps create the illusion at a distance, its only when your closer than you can see its in fact a mullet with long hair passing his shoulder but with a short side quiff at front.

Hair Up at Front

It’s impossible to not notice the influence of Billy Ray Cyrus Hair in the image below, remember this was taken in the 90s when he ruled.  

The flamboyant nature of the mullet was often down to hair at the front being propped up with the use of a blow dryer and then left that way for effect.

This hairstyle was a visual representation of Waddle’s innovative daring ways which is what made him a pleasure to watch.

The best footballers are the ones who are able to put on a spectacle before the game that builds anticipation on game days.

Reminds us of the famous R9 haircut when Ronaldo had the world talking.

Mullets in Football and Sports Culture

Mullets continue to have a significant impact on sports culture, with many modern athletes donning variations of this iconic hairstyle.

They are a reminder of the bold and rebellious spirit that defined the ’80s and 90s and sometimes we see players do it get into the fierce mindset below games.

The mullet reached its pinnacle of popularity in the late 80s and 90s, becoming a hallmark of pop culture but continues to be sought after by football fans and youth today.

Go to any major city in the world and we can almost guarantee there’s a great various of mullets worn by different people.

Mullet Maintenance in 3 Steps

1. Regular Trimming

To maintain the distinct shape of a mullet, regular trimming is essential and whilst this can be achieved by yourself we do advise you visit your hair stylist.

If you insist of self-trimming then, Trim the front and sides every 3-4 weeks to maintain a neat appearance. Ensure that the back is well-groomed and free of split ends.

2. Shampoo and Condition

Given the varying lengths of a mullet, it’s important to keep the hair clean and well-conditioned.

Invest in a high quality shampoo that focuses on removing any product build-up, sweat, and oil.

Apply a moisturizing conditioner, especially to the longer sections at the back, to keep the hair soft, manageable, and healthy.

3. Style Appropriately

To enhance the look of your mullet, use styling products that are suitable for your hair type.

You know that wet hair look wrestlers typically do for a defined look? Yeah that’s down to using sprays, gels and sometimes a  light pomade to provide hold and texture.

For the longer section at the back, a leave-in conditioner or hair serum can help in managing frizz and adding shine.

Avoid using excessive amounts of styling products; a small amount should be enough to maintain the style without making the hair look greasy.

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