Busta Rhymes Dreads & Hair Evolution (With Video)

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While Busta Rhymes Dreads were cut in 2005 they served a significant part of his brand and style from the early 90s as rappers with dreads weren’t as popular during this period. In addition to this, his dreads were grown due to the influence of his Jamaican heritage.

The 1st Rapper with Dreads


Our visual stories takes a detailed look at Busta Rhymes Dreads throughout the years, how he started them and his current hairstyle being the buzz cut.

When & how did Busta Rhymes start his Dreads?

Busta Rhymes Hair throughout the years

WhenDuring a video Busta revealed he hadn’t cut his hair since 1989

“I started growing this shit in December 89, I was 17 man. I signed my deal and said I aint combing my hair no more”

We then begin to see his dreads forming in 1991 into starter dreads.


HowBustas dreads were started with the high top short sides with some hair twisted while others free formed into locs.

If you take a closer look you can see loose afro being formed during 1990 and then becoming more mature in 1991.

Braids and Dreads

busta rhymes braids

What’s even more interesting about Busta Dreads is that during the late 90s we saw him cut some of his dreads at the front in exchange for braids.

If you look closely you can see his hair is braided to his scalp with loose hair at the front while his hair is in locs at the back.  

Buzz Cut (Current Look)

buzz cut

Having had dreads for 15 years, lasting the majority of his youth Busta chose to cut his hair back in 2005 and has rocked the buzz cut look ever since.

Today we can see regular trims and shape ups from the legendary artists. Minimalist in style and masculine, this haircut suits Busta rhymes though we do miss his long hair. The buzz cut allows us to focus on other facial features.

busta rhymes cuts hair

Busta Rhymes Dreads Gallery throughout the Years

A very clear image of Busta Rhymes hair being braided in the front with dreads running along the back. 

braids and dreads

Another trademark look for the rapper. The pineapple bun top

In an attempt to rebrand and sport a new style we saw Busta shave the front of his hair giving him the space for constant line ups and fades while simultaneously braiding the front of his head. 

Busta in his trademark look, the double sided pony tail dreads which we saw him wear at multiple music award shows, videos and photoshoots.
The rapper has always used his personal style to stand out and what better way that to showcase this.


Achieve the Same Look

Wanting to achieve the same look as Busta Rhymes requires time, patience and allowing your hair to freeform. The free-form method allows dreadlocks to form naturally and organically with one twist. There is little manipulation required at the start of the process, just the twisting of hair.

Talk to a loctician and get a Consultation

We can’t stress enough the importance of talking to a Loctician. While we advise you do research online, nothing beats a specialist when it comes to dreads!

Ensure you save the images of your desired style to your loctician and explain what you’re looking for.


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