The Best Katt Williams Hair Moments (Detailed Look & Gallery)

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The persona of a pimp, quality of a royal head, along with almost perfect slickness is what Katt Williams hair exudes.

Throughout Katts years as an actor and stand up comedian it became immediately apparent his hair formed a large part of his personal brand which is a direct inspiration from the 70s.

Our editorial includes a gallery of Katt’s signature hairstyles as well as how its transitioned throughout the years.

What is a Perm?

A perm is a chemical process which straightens afro curly hair into straight hair by breaking down the bonds in the hair shaft. This is also referred to as relaxed hair.

black men with perms

Throughout the years we have seen various examples of African Americans undergoing this process, Andre 3000 Hair and Snoop Dogg Hair being great examples of this.

Whilst all men naturally have Type 4 afro textured hair we can see how the chemical process changes its texture.

Katt Williams Hair (Shoulder length Perm)

In the various promotional images for his stand up gigs as well as movie features from 2005 – 2008 we saw Katt in his trademark long perm.

Katt Williams Hair in a long perm

As a result of heavy touring and movies during this period he ensured his hair stylist was close by to maintain what would become his signature look.

shoulder length hair

Above the Shoulders

As time went on we began to see Katts hair become shorter and there’s a perfect example for this, breakage!

Above the Shoulders

Yes relaxed hair looks great, however, constant application of these chemicals can result in breakage and thinning which we believe to be the case as his hair has only gotten shorter!

Katt williams hair Above the Shoulders

Take a look at his peers such as Snoop Dogg who also used to relax their hair for years but transitioned over to locs which doesn’t require any chemical process and has gained length.

Short Perm

In a 2018 GQ interview Katt Williams Hair can be seen at its shortest to date which would be the result of age as well as constant use of the perm.

Katt Williams Hair in a short perm

Its almost inevitable that the more you place the chemicals in your hair the shorter it comes which we believe he expected.

Nevertheless he keeps his hair well looked after by adding moisture and having a routine.

Curled Up Perm

Classic stand up Giggs are remembered by the outfit worn and the jokes told, in Katt’s kattpacalypse 2012 special it was all the above, especially his hair.

curled up perm

As if having a perm as a black male isn’t enough to stand out we saw Katt turn it up a notch and have the ends of his hair curl upwards with a middle parting.

katt Williams hairstyle

Perms are usually left to be straight all the way to the end, however, in order to further make a statement which resulted in the special having more eyeballs he got more creative with his hair and over a decade later were still writing about it.

Other Male Celebrities with Perms

From James Brown, Michael Jackson, Omarion and Chris brown we have a never ending list of male celebrities with perms.

The roundup list of artists with perms is evidently that the decision to style hair this way is to make a statement, each statement being unique to the individual!

How to Care for a Perm

Getting the perm is step 1, maintaining the perm is step 2 and here’s how you do it!

  1. Have a routine in which you see a professional every 6 – 8 weeks as there will be new growth in which needs to undergo the chemical process

  2. Moisturize your scalp with a lightweight oil to promote healthy hair growth such as jojoba or Sweet almond oil

  3. Wash your hair every two weeks however if you exercise this may need to be increased to once a week.

  4.  Use a deep conditioner, and make sure to use lightweight styling products that moisturize your hair.

Disclaimer: Applying any sort of chemical to your hair is a very risky job as this can lead to breakage or thinning if not done correctly, therefore we always recommend you use a professional.

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