The Complete Mikey Williams Hair Look Book

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In contemporary times personal image and brand is just as important as athletic ability for players. Mikey Williams Hair is a testament to the times as we see him in,

  • Signature Curls + Front Fade
  • Signature Curls + High Side Fade
  • Signature Curls + Line Parting
  • Twists and Protective Styles
  • Afro and Twist Combination
  • Short Curls

Whilst its his explosive dunking and basketball prowess that caught the attention of the masses his hair certainly adds a different appeal amongst younger male audiences.

Our editorial highlights his signature hairstyles along with his hair type and gallery of other styles he alternates between.

Mikey Williams Hair Type

Mikey Williams hair type ranges between 3C and 4A which is clear by his S shaped curls which are further defined when he comes into contact with water.

Mikey Williams Hair Type

Whilst 3C hair is full of bounce and definition it needs a great amount of moisture which on a practical level would mean daily moisturizer with light weight products.

The curl pattern of 3C hair has a tendency to create knots easily, therefore moisturising and using fingers will help to detangle knots easier.

Signature Curls + Front Fade

Throughout his public appearances and game days Mikey has kept his hairstyle very consistent which our gallery will be able to demonstrate.

Mikey Williams Hair in curls and fade

A common question amongst NBA fans online is, “What is Mikey Williams haircut called? This hairstyle is simply a front fade, tapered sides and curls on top.

Most will recognise him in this particular style which ultimately becomes his trademark look. He will often alternate in growing the front of his hair or fading it; however the curls remain.

Signature Curls + High Side Fade

In this style we see the high side fade creating a constant whilst simultaneously placing more attention towards his curls.

front and side fade

Side fades and tapers are always complimentary additions to a man’s haircut.

This type of fade works with hairstyles of all levels whether it be the buzz cut, short or long afro length we can see the contrast the high side fade creates.

Signature Curls + Line Parting at Front

The last variation of his curls, his front tapered fade featuring a line drawn in! The simple line makes the style a little more distinctive in comparison to the rest.

Signature Curls + Line Parting at front

As the saying goes “not all heroes wear capes” and the modern day heroes are the barbers who are able to create simple styles that make a massive difference.

The best thing with such a simple style is that it can be created on a short buzz cut or a long curly afro. The rapper Nas was notorious for the line parting on his buzz cut before he grew his hair out.

Twists and Protective Styles

The alternative to his loose curls being out are his various protective styles we see him do with the 2 strand twists being his favourite.

Mikey Williams hair in twists

The protective hairstyle can be worn on both short and long hair and gives him the best of both worlds aesthetically pleasing and practical.

Today its not uncommon to see NBA players rock protective styles just look around at Kawhi Leonard Hair or Anthony Davis Braids.

We have large representation of players in the league rocking protective styles and this all dates back to the 2001 all star game thanks to Allen Iverson.

Afro and Twist Combination

Whilst he mainly has loose curls out we can see him take a section of his hair at the front to create 2 strand twists. The combination is distinctive and unique to him.

Afro and Twist Combination

Whilst its common practice to have either loose afro curls or twists the combination of both is not something you see on a daily basis.

If you take a closer look we can also see that he uses hair accessories on the twists to further make them stand out.

Loose Curls

Before his trademark look as we know it today it started with his high school short afro curls in which we can see in the image below.

Loose Curls

For those with type 4 afro textured hair wanting a more curlier pattern similar to Mikey Williams with short hair follow our steps.

1. Slightly dampen hair with water based spritz

2. You may also apply some of your styling product to the sponge.

3.Use sponge and go in a circular motion across your head and style to your liking. You have the option to style hair lightly or heavily, depending on your preference.

Signature Hair in Video Game

Whilst we know Mikey hasn’t officially been placed in NBA 2K22 his face was modified to see what it would look like in an official game.

nba 2k hair graphics

Consumers expect players to look as real as possible which is only possible with Small intricate details such as his hair looking real.

This Mikey Williams we believe is a great representation of the player as the emphasis has been placed on his loose curly hair.

Key Take Away: Maintenance

As we stated before 3C hair is full of bounce and definition which requires moisture and regular care.

Regardless of the hairstyle he has at the time whether it be his loose curls or twists they all require a certain level of routine to ensure long term health. We advise you too,

  • Oil your scalp
  • Keep braids in for a maximum of 6 – 8 weeks.
  • Protect hair at night or doing any physical activity.
  • Moisturise your Hair.

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