Eduardo Franco Hair (Detailed Look & Gallery)

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Headlines continue to be filled with questions, comments and straight up envy around the Eduardo Franco Hair topic!

Our editorial will cover everything from

  • Whether or not his hair is real
  • Hair Type
  • How did his hair get so long?
  • Gallery of his Hairstyle

At this point it should be apparent that his hair forms a large part of his personal brand and identity. We wonder if he would ever cut it for a role.

Is Eduardo Franco Hair Real?

Yes Eduardo’s hair is real and this is simply due to his genetics.

Is Eduardo Franco Hair Real?

His waist length hair has often times been questioned with people stating the actor may be wearing a wig, well that’s certainly not the case.

In one of the oldest photos of the actor that lives on the internet we can see his hair being just past his shoulders which has continued to grow throughout the years.

Eduardo Franco Hair Type

Eduardo’s hair type is straight hair which we are able to identify as there is no curl pattern.

Eduardo Franco Hair Type

This is Type 1 hair which we have identified in our chart above.

His hair maintains its shine consistent silky texture in all whether conditions which would explain where all the hair envy comes from.

In addition to this type 1a hair doesn’t frizz up after coming into contact with water.

How did his hair get so long?

Eduardo has his aunty and good genes to thank!

Yes his aunty is the real mastermind behind his beautiful locks. She owns a hair salon in Mexico and the actor would make frequent visits to see her and get his hair done.

Gallery of his Hairstyle

We have compiled a gallery of various different hair moments from the actor.

Season 4 Press Run

Finn Wolfhard Hair or Eduardo Franco Hair who wins? (anyway back the article)

Finn Wolfhard Hair vs Eduardo Franco Hair

During a press run for season 4 of stranger things we see his hair worn behind his shoulders. This is more for practical reasons than aesthetic ones since his hair is so long and easily gets in the way.

Long Eduardo Franco Hair
waist length hair on man


Be honest if you had hair as long as Eduardo you too would have multiple selfies online. Imagine what his iPhone camera roll looks like.

longest locks in Hollywood belongs to Eduardo Franco Hair

Key Take Away: Have a Signature Look

The hairstyle people associate you with the most is your signature look and that comes down to your consistency with the style.

  • A/B test your Haircuts
    Find 2 to 3 hairstyles and then select the one which best compliments you. It might take some time to figure it out but its all about trial and error.
  • Grow out your Hair
    Its time to get experimental with your hair and this comes in the form of trying new styles.
  • Select the Best Products
    Product selection comes down to ensuring what you use is best for your hair type. If you’re unsure ask your barber or hairstylist.

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