The Best Snoop Dogg Hair Moments

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Throughout Snoop Doggs rap career he has alternated between multiple different hairstyles. His hair is a significant part of his brand which is why we have documented each and every Snoop Dogg hair moment.

What’s even more interesting about the Snoop Dogg Hair evolution being documented is that each hairstyle coincides with a particular era or phase of his music. For example, we saw Snoop perm his hair more often to match his pimp persona era or grow his dreads as he transitioned into making reggae music.

Our editorial will detail the different Hair moments of Snoop Doggs career while serving as a reminder of its cultural significance. 


Here are the Best Snoop Dogg Hair Moments


Short Jheri Curl

young snoop dogg

Snoop was first introduced to the masses back in 92 being heavily featured all throughout Dr Dre’s debut album the chronic. In the promo shots we can see Snoop sporting a relatively low afro jheri curl. He would usually sport a cap with the hairstyle while leaving it to grow longer as time went on.

While the jheri curl phase in Snoops career is short lived it most certainly marked time being the introduction of Snoop Dogg to the world in which we remember him with his jheri curls.


Small Cornrows

snoop dog braids

By the time 93 had come around Snoop Dogg was a household name with the release of his debut album Doggy style (One of the largest debut selling Hip Hop Albums)

During this time we saw Snoop had grown out of his jheri curl phase and now sporting his short cornrows.

While it’s apparent that Snoop Dogg alternated between multiple different styles during his rap career his cornrows were his trademark look up until he decided to transition into dreadlocks.



snoop dogg afro

Afro hair in black American culture has become much more of a hairstyle, it’s a representation of black pride, black history and freedom of oppression. The foundations of hip hop were built on these values and ideas which makes it no surprise to see rappers embrace the look.

Snoop made multiple public appearances with his afro blow out on TV Shows, magazines. Award shows and videos. This style was heavily documented during his prime run in the 90s.

Outside of its meaning, the afro blow outs were also just a way to let his hair breathe, taking a break from the constant braiding and styling. 


Temple Curls

temple curls

Most will remember Snoops Shirley temple curls from the infamous Next episode music video. Snoop always made an effort to differentiate himself from his peers who predominantly styled their hair in buzz cuts or high tops.

Other pop culture references include his roles in the movie baby boy which we saw him style his hair this way as well as his own movie boss’n up, a movie about the pimp life.




Snoops perm was often styled to coincide with his pimp/player persona. Often wore straight down or in a ponytail.

While the pictures above perfectly illustrate this, the best example can be seen and heard on 50 cents track P.I.M.P.

The visuals feature snoop doggs perm with the lyrics

“I got some butter pecan Puerto Ricans from the boogie down,

that’s waiting on me to return, so they can snatch these braids out and put my shit in a perm”


2 Braids

2 big braids

Another signature look for Snoop were his 2 big braids which ran across the edges of his hair with the back being slicked down along with a middle parting. He also often added accessories to the ends of his hair such as 2 big beads.

Artists such as Snoop choosing to wear their hair this way would be another style to influence rappers from the west coast. A perfect example of this can be seen with early Nipsey Hussle who wore his hair in a similar way around his debut, also influenced by snoop dogg.



pigtail braids

Another classic Snoop Dogg hair look were his pigtails which he often wore in 3 or 4 big braids.

This also being a protective hairstyle would be seen peeking out of his durag or bandana during promo runs. This particular style has largely been associated with the males from California who often braided their hair while representing their cities.


Signature Cornrows


Snoops cornrows has had a massive influence over today’s rappers with braids! Not only was he one of the first to style his hair this way during the 90s, many artists in the past have stated their hair journey being influenced by snoop.

This is evident by video games often including his cornrow hairstyles, cartoon references and merchandise, always reflecting his cornrows.

In 15 years we saw snoop style his cornrows in multiple different patterns and styles, the only thing snoop did not ever do was dye his hair, well not to our recollection anyway.



snoop dogg hair in dreads

Back in 2012 Snoop made the conscious decision to transition into Rastafarian culture. This was captured by his documentary film Reincarnated.

Within this film we see Snoop take a trip to Jamaica and embrace the culture and people. It’s also within this period he began to grow his dreadlocks. For this process snoop would take out his braids, and start his dreadlock journey.

The influence of Jamaican culture has always been present in hip hop, evident by the countless amount of rappers with dreads today, use of Jamaican samples in music and their toasting style.

This is his most current hairstyle now running along his back which look to be anyway between 20 -24inches! Or even longer. He continues to style his dreadlocks as you would expect!!!


In Pop Culture

snoop dogg action figure

Multiple online marketplaces such as ebay and etsy are filled with multiple different snoop action figures which all feature his different hairstyles. As we mentioned before his 2 braids and cornrows being is signature look are the most popular hairstyles found on the dolls. It wont be much longer until we start to see dreadlock action figures of snoop being produced!



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