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Its not often you see a Caucasian male with curly hair which is why the Jack Harlow hair topic seems to be an area of interest throughout social media.

Jack continues to make a name for himself as a great rapper while at the same rate garners the attention of the masses for his appearance. The uniqueness of his hair further increases his popularity.

Our editorial will take a detailed look at his curls and how you can achieve the same look.

Jack Harlow Hair Gallery

From the images below we can see that Jacks hair is curly, which we believe to be hair type 3A or 3B. White males such as Jack are more prone to having naturally straight hair which is why in his case it’s interesting to see curls coming from his scalp.

jack harlow hair comparison (1)

jack harlow hair

jack harlow curls

curly hair on white male

How to get the Jack Harlow hairstyle

Now that your aware of his hair pattern being naturally curly you may be wondering how you could achieve a similar look, here’s our suggestion

  • You may need to utilize sprays and curl mousse, in addition, to curl-defining creams.

This Jack Harlow-inspired hairstyle for men without naturally curly hair can only be done with the use of products and styling creams. Another great option would be the use of curl rollers.

The top curls progressively get thicker and longer, which you could style using your preferred volumizing hair product for an all-day and shiny hold.

  • A curly short style with a fade is also an option.

This is ideal for bringing out your hair curls, but the curling solution you use is just as crucial as the haircut in this situation. Because the high fade emphasizes the curls on the hair top, use a style pomade or cream that is designed to texturize and define hair while also keeping it in its place.

Hint: To preserve that natural appearance, see a stylist for product recommendations and style advice. And simply generally assist you in gaining direction and understanding how to regulate your hair’s natural flow. So, simply look after that fantastic hair, and your moniker will quickly be ‘Mr. Terrifyingly Gorgeous’!

Is Jacks’ Hair Permed?

Not just you, but many others have posted the same topic on numerous social media networking sites. Let us rephrase the question.

Is Jack Harlow’s hair permed? No. That is his real hair, which he has had since when he was a baby.

Curly hair may be found on people of any ethnicity or race. The curly pattern is certainly debatable, but it is a spectrum that does not apply primarily to one particular race.

Indeed, his mother is said to have very curly hair, so it’s only natural that he does as well. Talk about genetics? Yeah!

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