The 10 Most Influential Rappers with Grills

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A symbol of success, and a tangible representation of the culture’s extravagance is jewellery, which has been extended to mouth area, giving us various rappers with grills.

Grills have become a defining visual element of hip-hop’s narrative and whilst we could list 100 rappers to sport the dental jewellery we’ve selected the most influential individuals to do so.

Grills in the 80s

The culture & tradition of grills can be seen during the earlier foundational years by acts like Flava Flav and Slick Rick.

Beyond their music, their appearance became statements and that continues to be seen amongst the list below as well as their peers, Hip Hop has always been about making a statement.

Here are the 10 Most Influential Rappers with Grills


“Smile for me daddy, What you looking at?, Let me see ya grill, Let you see my what?”

Most Influential Rappers with Grills

You most likely sang the lyrics and if that’s not evidence of influence I’m not sure what is. Whilst Nelly was by no means the 1st to sport grills he create the anthem.

Nelly’s catchy hook further propelled grills into the spotlight, making them a must-have accessory for anyone looking to make a bold statement.

Paul Wall

Houston, known for its unique hip-hop scene, played a pivotal role in bringing grills to the forefront.

Houston rappers with grills

And at the heart of this movement was Paul Wall, whose affinity for grills were seen on music videos at every single opportunity.  

Houston’s influence in the world of grills is a testament to the city’s ability to shape and redefine hip-hop aesthetics, that’s why we later saw acts like Asap Rocky taking on Houston influences and applying it to new York.

Lil Wayne

Wayne’s influence is deserving of its own category but for the sake of this write up we will concise it down into a few words, Rappers today are influenced by Wayne.

the SoundCloud era artists often site him for his style whilst mimicking his likeness which often involved a large variety of Rappers with Face Tattoos and grills.


Bald rappers tend to accentuate other aspects of their face, one of the most common would be growing out a beard, but when your stunna, that’s means grills.

Like father, like son, Birdman’s dental dazzle was a visual representation of their musical camaraderie and the larger-than-life presence they brought to the hip-hop scene.

Lil Yachty

To match Lil Yachty Braids in red we often times saw him sporting colourful grills.

The obsession with jewellery and wealth in hip-hop extended to the teeth, and Lil Yachty embraced this fully.

Interestingly, Lil Yachty could also be seen without his grills, choosing to flaunt his natural teeth in contrast to the bling-obsessed trend which happens mostly at the start of his career.

Kodak Black

Kodak Black’s journey to hip-hop stardom brought with it a distinctive wicks dreads and in combination grills that became part of his signature look.

While Kodak’s career has been marked by ups and downs, his dental bling remains a constant reminder of his unapologetic authenticity.


Similar aesthetics help convey a sense of unity within the group which would explain Quavo and other members of the Migos sporting grills together.

It visually reinforces the idea migos look alike and sound alike, sharing a common purpose and vision which is why we loved the group together.

This unity contributes to a stronger group identity and fosters a sense of camaraderie among the members

Asap Rocky

Houston rap culture lives on and that’s evident by artists like Rocky using imagery to showcase grills in creative ways.

new york rappers with grills

D.M.B is a perfect example of this, from the creative direction, to the lyrics, Rocky love for grills is evident, even seen wore by Rhianna in multiple shots on the video.


Pharrell’s influence on hip-hop goes beyond music – it extends to fashion and culture.

His ability to seamlessly weave different styles and trends into his personal brand is what makes him stand out. Pharrell’s the type of artist to sport grills with a 3 piece suit and still have it look sharp.

Gucci Mane

No discussion of influential rappers and grills would be complete without mentioning Gucci Mane.

Some of the most iconic Gucci mane images features his grills as he smiled at the camera, it create this allure around him, who is he, how rich is he and how much of the rap game will he take.

3 Important Factors to consider before getting grills:

  1. Personal Style and Comfort
    Grills are a bold statement and if that’s what you want to communicate to the world theirs nothing wrong with that, just remember not all cultures and people embrace this.
  1. Long-Term Commitment
    Grills tend to be semi-permanent and you have the decision to make. They require regular maintenance. Make sure you can afford to keep them clean but more important see a professional.
  1. Professional and Social Implications
    Assess how grills might impact your professional life and social interactions. Depending on your field and social circles, grills may be well-received or raise eyebrows.

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