50 Cornrow Hairstyles for Men (Gallery + Video Included)

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Amongst the various black hairstyles we have today Cornrow Hairstyles for Men tends to be one of the more distinctive hairstyles offering both practical benefits and very aesthetic.

Our editorial includes,

  • Gallery of every cornrow variation
  • Video detailing the look (Including Twists)
  • Sub section on how to care for them

Braiding was and still is a social art which has transcended in contemporary times, evident by the gallery.

50 Cornrow Hairstyles for Men (Gallery)

Cornrows + Taper Fade

Cornrows + Taper Fade
Credit – by kunmiolajide

The contrast between braided hair on top and taper on the sides introduces a gradual transition whilst also accentuating the braids.

The beauty around the side fade is that it increases the lifetime of how fresh your braids look. 6 weeks can easily turn to 8 weeks with a fresh line up + fade.

Cornrow with Fade

Classic Straight Back Cornrows

Cornrow Hairstyles for Men
Ludacris Braids help popularise the style in Hip Hop

The classic straight back cornrows may be the most popular in our gallery and the foundation for various other braided styles.

Today modern versions features a front fade giving it a seamless blend into where the cornrow starts, this of course is optional.

High Top Cornrows

High Top Cornrows

You have the choice to decide your fade level, low, medium or high! However the high-top cornrows provides a unique look!

Cornrows into Twists

Credit – missaxhie

One of the most distinctive looks features the 1st half of hair placed in cornrows with the 2nd half braided off scalp as twists.

This allows for cornrow hairstyles for men to become much more versatile in styling preferences which we have further detailed in our video below.

Cornrows with Bun

Cornrow Hairstyles for Men to rock

Being able to place a bun at the ends tells us your cornrows have good length which inevitably means they need care.

The Durag and the long cornrows go hand and hand for this matter! We don’t make the rules! We just report them.

Parting Pattern

Cornrow Hairstyles for Men to style
Credit – beeslaaayed

The modern cornrow features much more of a creative finish as evident above. Placing smaller braids in alignment of your parts.

I must warn you though, these styles can take time some time so be prepared to sit down for longer.

Middle Parting

Some call them Pop Smoke Braids, some call them Center Part Cornrows or simply put middle parting braids!

They follow the same principle as traditional cornrow with the only difference in the direction going across not down to neck.

No Middle Parting

The asymmetry parts naturally creates a unique look that were not used to seeing on traditional braids.

2 Big Cornrows + Fade

A Heartafact favourite! The polished appearance when styled with hair gel places it in a class of its own.

The gel not only tames flyway’s but also imparts a sleek finish to the braids, enhancing their definition.

Zig Zag Parts

While the braids follow a straight path, the zig-zag parting creates a visually striking contrast.

Zig Zag Cornrows

Braided Cornrow Hairstyles for Men

Inverting the norm, zig-zag cornrows feature straight parts while the braids themselves follow an intriguing zig-zag pattern.

Zig Zag High Top Cornrows

Credit – siobhanb.hairstylist

Redefining the classic high top, Zig Zag High Top Cornrows take it a step further by introducing shaved sides.

Heart Cornrows

Yeah we know its a Cornrow Hairstyles for Men, but who said men didn’t like hearts! seriously!

Stitch Cornrows

Nipsey Hussle Braids might be the prime example for stitch cornrow which we see everybody styling today.

Bigger parts, clean appearance with the stitch like effect, there a classic.

Stitch Cornrow + Manbun

Barrel Twists Cornrows

This variation of cornrow tends to be the thickest and from personal experience it allowed me to train my hair to loc in preparation for dreadlocks which I’ve now done.

Many people transition from cornrows to dreads and this is a great style that paints an image of what you would look like with locs.

Some of the the best rappers with dreads went through a similar process.

Traditional Cornrow + Front Fade

Credit – MagicFingersLdn

Cornrow with Beads

Cornrow with beads

The subtle addition of beads makes all the difference! Dont worry your masculinity has not been compromised aha!

Cornrow Tied to Itself

Colour Treatment Cornrows

Cornrow Hairstyles for Men in colour

Disclaimer: Applying any sort of chemical to your hair is a very risky job as this can lead to breakage or thinning if not done correctly, therefore we always recommend you use a professional.

Shaved in Symbol

Credit – HD Cutz

Having the shaved in symbol to mark the style your own. You know there not to many people who do this, your bound to stand out.

Chrome Heart Braided Symbol

Same starting Point

3 Big Cornrows on each Side

2 Braids with Braided Middle Part

4 Big Cornrows

Zig Zag Cornrows with Manbun

2 Big Stitch Braids + Fade

Long Zig Zag Cornrow

Front Cornrow with an Afro Bun

Braided Top Knot

As your hair begins to grow you will have the option to style in a cornrow manbun or topknot! The choice is yours!

Facing Forward Cornrows with Bun

Crossover Cornrows

Circular Cornrow

Creative Mid Section

Twisted Cornrows

Individual Tied Up Cornrow Ends

Traditional Cornrows

Creative Front Cornrows

Top View of Zig Zag

Traditional High Top Cornrows

Side Pattern Cornrows

Short Cornrows + Fade

Long Cornrow with Fade & Beard

Checked Part Braids

Triple Cross Pattern Design

Big & Small Part Cornrows

high top braids

Straight & Curl Parts

traditional cornrows

Straight & Crossover Cornrows

braids and beards

Creative Cornrows + Middle Parting

Caring for Cornrows

Maintaining the health and longevity of your cornrows is key and here’s how

Oil Your Scalp:
Nourish and maintain a healthy scalp by regularly applying lightweight oils to your cornrows. Hydration promotes longevity & prevents dryness.

Keep Them in for a Maximum of 6 Weeks: Ensure hair health by avoiding extended wear. Refresh your cornrows every 4-6 weeks to prevent tension and breakage.

Protect your Hair: Preserve your cornrows by wearing a satin or silk scarf at night and securing them during physical activities to minimize friction and damage.

Moisturize Your Hair: Keep your hair hydrated and vibrant by applying a leave-in moisturizer to the exposed parts of your cornrows regularly.