50 of the Best Medium Hairstyles for Men (Gallery + Videos Included)

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From the modern slicked-back style to the quiff & classic pompadour cuts, the best medium hairstyles for men strikes a perfect balance between contemporary trends & classics.

Our editorial includes,

  • Gallery of every Medium Hairstyle Variation
  • Video exploring the different look
  • Best practices to keep hair looking good

Best of all the medium hairstyle only requires a small amount of maintenance daily which is more time saved in comparison to long hair! Let’s show you how! 💇‍♂️

50 of the Best Medium Hairstyles for Men (Gallery)

1. Quiff with Mid Fade

Medium Hairstyles for Men to style today
Credit – fintyohara

The modern quiff reimagines the classic foundation with a contemporary twist, The Fade! Whether that be, short, mid or a high fade! Shorter sides and a voluminous top creates a great contrast.

2. Wavy Quiff with Taper Fade

Contemporary Medium Hairstyles for Men
Credit – Samrascals

Purchase some sea salt spray for enhanced waves and start with damp hair. Blow-dry using a diffuser to maintain natural texture. Shape the quiff with a matte styling paste  😉

3. 90s Inspired Curtains  

The Curtain hairstyle is probably the best medium-long fringed hairstyle tracing back to its popular heydays in the 90s! The optional mid or low fade is available for further definition.

4. Wavy Quiff wit Blonde Highlights

The clash between natural dark hair and blonde highlights creates for a more distinctive look.

Disclaimer: Applying any sort of chemical to your hair is a very risky job as this can lead to breakage or thinning if not done correctly, therefore we always recommend you use a professional

5. Burst Fade + Faux Hawk

6. Textured Crop + High Fade

50 of the best Medium Hairstyles for Men

Something you might not have considered when it comes to high fades is your face shape. The best men’s haircuts is largely dependent of your face shape.

7. Quiff & Burst Fade

As we stated before choosing the best Medium Hairstyles for Men largely comes down to face shape! GQ agrees!

8. Wavy Top & Burst Fade

9. Tapered Pompadour

Tapered Pompadour

Could you imagine the king of rock Elvis’s Pompadour with a fade? Yeah, we couldn’t either, & that’s why we love the modern variation to the classic.

10. Side Parting Pompadour

The small iterations make the biggest difference and in this scenario its the addition of the side part giving the look more definition.

11. Curtains + Taper

From the front angle its quite easy to see how a small taper can be masked away yet still complements the look which is why we have included the side view below.

12. Curtains + Taper (Side View)

Some of the best 90s hairstyles men wore included the curtains look without the contemporary fades we see today. We prefer a low or medium fade, nothing to crazy as the main focus are the front bangs!

13. Middle Part Blow Out + Small Taper

14. Bullet Fade Mullet

15. Mod Haircut

16. 90s Grunge Inspired

90s Grunge Inspired

Some of the best Medium Hairstyles for Men have its traces in sub culture, enter grunge! Disheveled textures, bedhead waves, and unkempt layers, see where were going with this one!

17. Classic Wavy Top (Minimal Fade)

A great example to mimic is Oscar Issacs who keeps his quiff more towards the classic with the occasional fade but its mostly classic.

18. Taper Fade Mullet

19. Messy Faux Hawk

men's medium length hair

20. Messy Hair

21. Completely Slicked Back

Start with slightly damp hair, work in your favourite styling gel, and comb your hair back smoothly. Grab your blow dryer, set it on low for that sleek finish

22. Wolf Cut (No Fade)

Our Medium Hairstyles for Men gallery includes this variation which sees a more shoulder length look and whilst it might be slightly longer your free to shorten. The principle is the same.

23. Wolf Cut with Minimal Taper Fade

24. Messy Top & Fringe

25. Slicked Back with some Hair Forward

26. Messy Hair with Stubble

27. Off Centre Part

28. Messy Hair with Small Taper

29. Front Taper Fade

30. Curly Medium Afro

Who doesn’t love an afro? Especially a curly one! For this one Caucasian males will have to use a permanent perm solution and leave in hair for 20 mins, then rinse out for this affect.

31. Mid Fade Mullet

The Mid Fade Mullet blends edgy sophistication with a touch of rebellion, seamlessly transitioning from a neat, tapered top to the iconic mullet length at the back

32. Medium Ginger Mullet

Medium Hairstyles for Men in 2024 and 2025

The natural ginger red locks flow in the back, creating a playful contrast with the shorter sides as we can see. Yes Ginger men kill this trend too!

33. Textured Quiff & High Fade

Medium Haircuts for Men

34. Textured Messy Quiff

35. Mid Fade Pompadour

36. Textured French Crop

37. Thick Textured Crop + Ginger Beard

38. Medium Mullet with Curly Fringe

39. Medium Blow Out

40. Mullet & Wolf Cut

41. Afro Top Knot Curls

42. Subtle Mullet Tucked Back

43. French Crop (Matt Clay Finish)

44. Slicked Back Medium Length

45. Manbun (Long Hair made into Medium Length)

46. Combed Back with Undercut

47. Manbun with Low Fade

48. Curly Fringe

49. Shaggy Top

Shaggy Top

50. Messy Perm

Messy Perm

Caring for Medium Length Hair

Achieving the perfect closure for medium-length hair requires a thoughtful approach, combining the use of high-quality products and regular visits to the barber.

  • High-Quality Product Selection
    • Choose a product specifically designed for your hair type (e.g., pomade or gel for wavy or straight hair)
      This allows you to get specific styles such as the slick back look.
  • Visits to the Barbers:
    • Regular appointments are essential for maintaining various medium-length hairstyles.
    • Ensure touch-ups on fades and trim to keep the length optimal for a polished and well-groomed look.
  • Scalp Health Maintenance:
    Prioritize scalp health by incorporating regular scalp massages into your routine using nourishing oils.