The Best Jaromir Jagr Mullet Moments

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The Jaromir Jagr mullet set the stage for the hairstyle to become a transcendent part of hockey culture.

His influence is evident, with numerous players adopting this iconic style, seeking to channel the inner of rebellion and charisma that Jagr’s mullet epitomized.

Our editorial will detail his mullet throughout the 90s, discuss where his initial influence came from with a gallery.

Jaromir Jagr Mullet Influence

As a Czech native Jaromir describe his mullet influences deriving from the 90s Heavy metal scene as well as Aerosmith, Gun n Roses & Bon Jovi.

The common theme amongst those rock bands were the consistent long hair which Jaromir identified with and grew out!

Early 90s

Its 1990, NHL Entry Draft time, and we get to see a young Jaromir join the league in his memorable messy mullet which is forever embedded in our minds.

Jaromir Jagr mullet in the 90s

As the saying goes you get one chance to make a 1st impression which lasts a lifetime and that certainly has lasted!

Some mullets are modern and some are traditional, this screams traditional and how mullets look during the 90s, no modern variation such as the fade. What you see is what you get.

Mid 90s

By the time the mid-90s roll by we see Jaromir mullet much more thick and bushy that is maintained with regular trims to maintain the back length.

To really understand the decision for the hairstyle we have to remember pop culture is still very much in love with Billy Ray Cyrus Hair which is evident.

Even years after the release of the hit song Achy Breaky Heart we still see the hairstyle influence pop culture.

This iconic look featured a voluminous hair at the back, embodying a wild and rebellious spirit which young people at the time made priority to mimic.

Tail end of the 90s

By 1999 Jagr’s mullet was no more, which was done at the request of his girlfriend which I guess was fair since it was losing its trends.

Jaromir Jagr mullet in the late 90s

Actually no scratch that, that’s exactly why he should of kept it, not all hair and fashion choices should be done to stay on trend.

We love nostalgia which is why mullets are worn in 2023! Rant over

As the 2000s rolled around we did see subtle variations of the mullet but nothing has flamboyant as his trademark 90s look.

Mullet in Pop Culture

The mullet has been sported by iconic figures like David Bowie and Billy Ray Cyrus, contributing to their memorable and innovative images.

The hairstyle within the music industry signifies a fusion of style and musical rebellion which then crosses over into sports and other forms of entertainment!

It stands as a testament to youth expression and the breaking of traditional boundaries, linking different ideas through a shared aesthetic language, and the question posed is, are you bold enough to style the look.

In addition to this we see various 90s sports cards of the athlete in his mullet.

For collectors, the visual allure of a sports card often lies in the candidness of the image, immortalizing athletes in their elements and in this regard its his hair.

Mullet Maintenance in 3 Steps

1. Regular Trimming

To maintain the distinct shape of a mullet, regular trimming is essential and whilst this can be achieved by yourself we do advise you visit your hair stylist.

If you insist of self-trimming then, Trim the front and sides every 3-4 weeks to maintain a neat appearance. Ensure that the back is well-groomed and free of split ends.

2. Shampoo and Condition

Given the varying lengths of a mullet, it’s important to keep the hair clean and well-conditioned.

Invest in a high quality shampoo that focuses on removing any product build-up, sweat, and oil.

Apply a moisturizing conditioner, especially to the longer sections at the back, to keep the hair soft, manageable, and healthy.

3. Style Appropriately

To enhance the look of your mullet, use styling products that are suitable for your hair type.

You know that wet hair look wrestlers typically do for a defined look? Yeah that’s down to using sprays, gels and sometimes a  light pomade to provide hold and texture.

For the longer section at the back, a leave-in conditioner or hair serum can help in managing frizz and adding shine.

Avoid using excessive amounts of styling products; a small amount should be enough to maintain the style without making the hair look greasy.

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