Lil Peep Hair (Detail Look & Gallery)

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With the emergence of emo rap during mid 2010s artists selected styles which differed from the traditional Hip Hop look and Lil Peep Hair epitomizes this.

Prior to his death we saw his hair styled and coloured in multiple ways,

  • Short Mohawk
  • Long Mohawk
  • Blonde Curtains
  • Full Pink Hair
  • Half Black & Half Pink

Our review details all his signature hair styles with a gallery.

Lil Peep Hair Gallery

Short Mohawk

Both long and short variations of the mohawk were styled by Lil Peep. With his hair reaching a crew cut level his sides were shaven off to create this look.

Lil Peep Hair in a short mohawk

The statement hairstyle was both short and blonde. This hairstyle is further highlighted as he’s one of the few rappers with face tattoos.

The combination of his facial tattoos and mohawk earned him his reputation quickly throughout his rap career and something he’s remembered by even in his passing.

Though the history of his hairstyle belongs to the punk-rock scene we have seen the emo rap crowd adopt this style and this is one of the more subtle lil peep hairstyles.

Long Mohawk

With the foundations being set by his short mohawk we would see him grow out his hair keeping the sides shaved for his traditional long mohawk.

Lil Peep Hair in a long mohawk

The mohawk haircut is nothing more than a creative statement especially in a time where personal identity and image is everything.

The length at top then morphs into his longer hairstyle which we review in this editorial such as his curtains hairstyle and colourful medium length look.

Styling clay as a finish is what he used for a textured matt appearance, therefore your going to want to ensure you invest in the best products for a look like this.

Blonde Curtains

The blonde curtains hairstyle may be Peeps most conservative look we had seen. The long fringe parted in the middle or on the side was his most subtle look.

Blonde Curtains

This hairstyle would also morph into others such as his mop top that can be a divided fringe just covering his forehead or his quiff which was brushed upwards.

One of the most prominent hairstyles in the 90s would see a massive resurgence amongst Lil Peep and his peers which goes to show the influence of the style.

His curtains are not uniform since his sides are shaved and hair is layered on top which gives it different lengths and volume.

He would use some texturizing spray for a light hold for his messy blonde look.

Full Pink Hair

As the music culture of emo rap began to grow brand identity became much more apparent amongst the artists. The most colourful outlandish looks worn.

Full Pink Hair

Outside of Lil Peep’s hair we also saw Lil Uzi Vert dreads, Lil Pump Dreads & Juice Wrld Dreads help shape the idea of what an emo rapper looks like.

So whether that was half dyed straight hair or colourful locks the idea was that there wasn’t much space for the conservative hairstyles.

Disclaimer: Applying any sort of chemical to your hair is a very risky job as this can lead to breakage or thinning if not done correctly, therefore we always recommend you use a professional.

Half Black & Half Pink

The half coloured hairstyle can be seen on Lil Peep in Black and Pink which are contrasting colours that immediately capture our attention.

Lil Peep Hair in Half Black and Pink

Key Take Away: Try New Styles

Emo rap is equally about the music as much as it is the look, and when it comes to the look there are no rules! Just make sure its rebellious, colourful and stands out.

  • Style your Hair in different ways
    While most won’t want to go the entire way with outlandish hairstyles we can learn from lil peep hair in that he wasn’t afraid to try new styles.
  • Select the Best Products
    Product selection comes down to ensuring what you use is best for your hair type. A textured finished or wet finish will require different products.
  • Be Consistent
    Once you’ve gone through the trouble of growing your hair for months, testing what works and what doesn’t you will eventually have your style, good! Now rock the look like you own it!

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