All the Best Zach Ertz Hair Styles (Gallery)

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Our gallery features all Zach Ertz Hair styles since his draft to the NFL Back in 2013. We have seen both conservative haircuts and creative out of the box styles which have included the

  • Buzz Cut
  • Crew Cut
  • Quiff Hair
  • Blonde Mohawk

Zach Ertz Hair Type

Zach’s natural hair type is straight hair which has no curl pattern at all.

We estimate his hair ranges between 1A to 2A.  People with this hair type usually prefer having it washed frequently to remove the greasy hair feel.

His straight hair texture becomes much more apparent when he decides to grow it out for a crew cut or mohawk.

All Zach Ertz Hair Styles (Gallery)

Buzz Cut

The traditional buzz cut is mostly known as a conservative haircut look which has been around for years, Zachs faded sides make this the modern mans look.

buzz cut

Though his hair is shaved to 1 level across his entire head we regularly see him include a faded sides which creates a contrast with the sides and top.

What the fade does is it gradually goes from an already short buzz look on top to even shorter sides and then gradually morphing into his facial hair so seamlessly. 

Give his barber a raise immediately!

Crew Cut

The next phase from the buzz cut is the crew cut which shows hair gaining length at the top and sides, however theirs an option to keep fading the sides.

crew hair

At this stage we also see Zach’s hair morph into a more textured look with different lengths and layers towards the top to create a messier look that’s less structured.

No matter whether he keeps it the same length, textured or coloured blonde the one consistent we see from Zach is his faded sides to give it an overall complimentary finish.

Quiff Hairstyle

Whilst the classic quiff is hair brushed up and backwards with short back and sides we can see Zach’s up messy top with shorter sides.

Zach Ertz Hair in a quiff

There are many variations of this quiff such as the messy one we stated above, side quiff, undercut quiff and textured quiff, he’s mostly seen in messy textured quiffs.

The messy quiff will still need to be held into place which is why matte separation wax tends to be the product of choice for this rugged look.

Blonde Mohawk

The combination of blonde hair + Mohawk is Zachs way of making a statement within the NFL! While he has a long list of conservative haircuts this was his most daring.

Zach Ertz Hair in blonde

During a Philadelphia Eagles training session Zach mentions that his wife wanted him to try the new colour which is what inspired the look.

The rebellious nature of any classic mohawk is going to make you stand out on top of the fact he’s an athlete followed by millions.

The alternative version of this is the fauxhawk which takes elements of this in a more subtle way. Can be worn for sporting activities and formal environments.

Disclaimer: Applying any sort of chemical to your hair is a very risky job as this can lead to breakage or thinning if not done correctly, therefore we always recommend you use a professional.

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