The Best and Worst Francisco Lindor Hair Moments

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A quick google search for “Francisco Lindor Hair” will result in multiple images of the athletes hair in a variety of colours ranging from blue, green, blonde and strangely enough Gray!



Francisco Lindor Hair Type

Due to his Puerto Rican heritage we can see his hair type being a 3A or 3B! His curls are further accentuated with the colours and its clear to see.

Francisco Lindor hair type



Francisco Lindor’s Hair Gallery



Blue Hair

Verdict – Pass

Its bold enough to dye your hair blue, it’s even bolder to constantly dye your hair in different tones of blue. Light, mild and dark blue are all the colours we have seen on Francisco with no signs to slow down.

francisco lindor blue

When asked about his decision he simply replied “I was bored” which explains his decision to continuously try new styles during his off seasons.



Blonde Hair

Verdict – Pass

His blonde hair can be seen in many variations for example he dyed his hair this way on his curls as well as his buzz cut.

blonde hair

In addition to this we have seen him in his all natural black hair with stripes of blonde going across his head and the reason for this is to stand out!

Due to the contrast blonde makes against black and brown skin it allows the colour to pop more which we believe is the number one reason so many people love styling their hair this way.



Gray Hair

Verdict – Fail

We can’t have a Francisco hairstyle list without his platinum Gray hair, I mean what was he thinking!

gray hair

We can look past blue, blonde and green yes even green hair but gray, I mean why would you voluntarily change your hair this colour.

In his own words he said, “I still can’t get it out of my head, “It’s like the girlfriend you break up with. You never get over it. You turn the page but you remember she was there.”

Safe to say he won’t be doing that again.



Green Hair

Verdict – Big FAIL!

green hair

Were under the impression this colour was in fact an experiment gone wrong, I mean who asks for green hair, well let’s take it back Dennis Rodman’s Hair was styled in all colours so were not surprised athletes regardless of sport have followed suit.

Again his green hair is nothing more than wanting to stand out from the crowd and you know what, he did. Love it or hate it, one things for sure it turns heads.



Black Hair

Verdict – Pass

Let’s not forget his natural hair colour, Black!

natural curls

Prior to him being “bored” we saw the athletes natural hair on all styles whether that be his braids, buzz cuts or his natural curls.

natural hair

His curl pattern evident in black as well as his hair looking healthy and well maintained, we wouldn’t be mad if he returned back to black permanently.  



Burst Fade

Verdict – Pass

The only consistent feature when it comes to his hair is the burst fade that runs across the sides of his head, sometimes plain and sometimes with designs drawn in.

Francisco Lindor hair faded

Regardless of the colour he places in his curls were always guaranteed to see his burst fade coming through which compliments the overall look.




Francisco Lindor Hair Colours explained

In an interview with SportsNet New York he revealed the constant bleaching and dying of his hair was a result of being bored with plain colours, take a listen below.


Disclaimer: Applying any sort of chemical to your hair is a very risky job as this can lead to breakage or thinning if not done correctly, therefore we always recommend you use a professional.

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