Kalvin Phillips Hair Gallery (The Best Looks)

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Our gallery features Kalvin Phillips Hair styled in various ways since his Leeds United debut in 2014 all the way to his current hairstyle at Manchester city.

Within the decade timeframe these have included his,

  • Curly Afro
  • Braided Manbun
  • Thick Ponytail
  • Box Braids
  • Top Knot

Our gallery discusses his current signature hairstyle, his hair type and texture as well as a gallery of his previous styles.

Kalvin Phillips Hair Gallery

Curly Afro

The year is 2014, its Leeds United debut time and the football world is introduced to Kalvin in his distinctive curly afro.

Kalvin Phillips Hair in curls

His curly afro would later go on to becoming the foundation for his various protective hairstyles in which we share within the editorial.

At this length were able to see his defined S shaped curls which created a voluminous look. His curls are further accentuated with the use of hair cremes.

Kalvin’s curly hair is a result of his mixed heritage as his both Irish and Jamaican roots are on display here.

As well as lighter skin tones curlier hair patterns tends to be the result of those with mixed heritage.

Braided Manbun

With the foundations set by his thick curls we would see him transition over too protective hairstyles with the most prominent being his braided manbun.

Kalvin Phillips Hair in braids

In addition to this were able to see his hair were shaved on the sides and back which not only creates a contrasting look but focusing on the hair on top.

For an athlete the braided manbun is not only aesthetically pleasing but it is also practical as it can be worn for several weeks without any change needed.

Protective styles like this help prevent pulling, tugging and daily manipulation

Thick Ponytail

To ensure a break from protective styling we see Kalvin have his natural hair out on occasion which is important to avoid product build up.

Kalvin Phillips Hair in top knot afro

The suggested timescale for braids in hair is 6 weeks, after that time it will need to be washed and conditioner and then a set period to allow no styling.

In the image below we can see Karl’s curly ponytail along with his high skin fade in comparison to Marcus Rashford Hair in a temple fade.

Kalvin’s skin fade is what creates the high top braided afro look since he has basically no hair on the back and sides whilst Rashford’s fade is subtle and smaller.

Box Braids

Kalvin Phillips Hair down is the alternative look when he doesn’t have his braided manbun which is close to the scalp.

box braids

During game days we will often see the athletes ensure his hair is tied up to completely remove facial interference whilst being more relaxed off the pitch.

His box braids when down touch his shoulders and he will often alternate between this hairstyles and 2 strand twists.

One of the best protective styling techniques to help promote hair growth and not being hair grows fast but because more hair is retained due to minimal manipulation.

Top Knot

A simple shift in the positioning of his bun from the back to the centre is what creates his top knot which he can be seen wearing in the image below.

For the same reason as he braids and ties his hair up is the same reason we see the top knot, it removes hair strands from obstructing his vision.

This hairstyle allows us to see his gradual fade his blends down from his sides and back. The hairstyle is also known as a pineapple hair bun.

To give the top knot more of a defined look you will have the choice to use product to slick down hair with matte, wax or gel and then tie the back up.

This hairstyle can be both formal and informal depending on where your going!

Key Take Away: Maintenance

Both curly and coily hair types require maintenance to preserve its health and look. Grooming practices need to be set in place which are simply, ensure that you

  • Oil your scalp.
  • Keep braids in for a maximum of 6 – 8 weeks.
  • Protect hair at night or doing any physical activity.
  • Moisturise your Hair.

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