Xzibit Braids (Gallery)

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While were aware that Xzibit Braids were cut off back in 2007 in exchange for the buzz cut we have documented archives and images which we will revisit, evidence of the unique style and trend of his hair back in the 2000s.

Through the success of his music Xzibit was able to land brand extension deals such as ‘Pimp my Ride’ and during the shows 4-year run, we saw the artist style his braids in multiple ways as well as his music videos. Today we revisit these iconic looks.


Do Artists Fall Off After Cutting Their Hair?

 While doing research and writing this piece we came across a video from Justin Hunte who does a great job looking at the career of artists after having cut their hair.


We have also covered a large variety of artists within the video in our Ludacris hair piece & Busta Rhymes Dreads amongst others.

Do rappers such as Xzbit amongst others suffer the music curse when they cut their hair?  Let us know what you think, afterwards check out the gallery below.



Xzibit Braids Gallery



Traditional Cornrows

x zibit braids

Artists like Xzibit became one of the most popular rappers with braids during the 2000s and this is due to his unique patterns and styles he would do. Outside of the traditional cornrows he was also seen to have his cornrows in multiple different patterns and directions.

x zibit cornrows

His influence can be seen on multiple artists today who choose to style the hair in similar ways.



Off Scalp Braids

off scalp braids

Alternating between cornrows and off scalp braids has always been part of his personal image. Before the big chop we saw X style his hair this way while ensuring his hair was shiny and intact.

off scalp braids

Outside of being a great style it is a great protective style too. Off Scalp Braids help minimize knots and tangles from the constant brushing and manipulating done to hair. It minimizes damage which increases length overtime which should be obvious as to why rappers love it.



Afro Twist out

twist out

A twist out is one of the many benefits that comes with keeping your hair in a protective style such as cornrows or braids then removing them after 6 weeks.

Once your hair is ready to be taken out of braids, the result of unravelling is curly, bouncy, crinkly hair which we saw him wear out multiple times.  His length also became apparent with these styles.



Buzz Cuts

buzz cut

2007 was the year Xzibit Braids Were no longer a thing and the big chop took place. We saw X switch for a more traditional low cut which he still rocks today.

While the style does look great on him, we do miss his braids. Having braids installed inherently creates a more youthful looking appearance which is why most people style their hair this way but at the same time some may want the change for personal reasons.


Tips to maintain Cornrows

Cornrow go through a thorough process to ensure they stay healthy and clean all year round. This is what enables his length, thickness and hair growth. We have listed the main tips to include in your routine to achieve the same results.


Constantly moisturize your scalp
Your scalp is an extension of your skin, and you wouldn’t leave the house with your skin unattended do, so don’t do this to your scalp. This can be as simple as spraying rose water daily or any light water based spray.


Oil your Scalp
Oil helps in scalp health and is vital for thick hair growth and as you can see Xzbit’s hair is very thick. Certain oils that help promote thickness are olive oil and coconut oil.



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