10 Outlandish Dennis Rodman Hair Moments

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Outside of his impressive NBA career stats, athletic ability & skill, a lot of interest has been placed on Dennis Rodman’s hair on and off the court. While the courts would be filled with excitement and suspense around what team would take home the win each game, this equally would be the case with fans anticipating the next crazy Dennis Rodman hair style.

Even in his retirement from the game the Hall of Famer shows no sign of swapping his hairstyle for a more traditional look. Let’s explore his most outlandish moments.


Outlandish Dennis Rodman Hair Moments

In our video below we take a much more detailed look into some of the meanings of his hairstyles. Its evident that whilst Dennis enjoyed the attention from his artistic hairstyles, he equally used his hair as a canvas to raise awareness on social issues, support team members and injustice.


Bulls Logo

dennis rodman hair bulls logo

Going above and beyond is just what Dennis did! Evident by having the bull’s logo shaved into the back of his head.

This not only communicated team pride but also let the fans know he was with the bulls through and through.

The style featured his hair dyed red with the bull kept black in his natural hair colour.



Pippen Tribute/33

Pippen Tribute

Set aside Rodman’s outlandish and unconventional ways he was the epitome of a team player, and the world was able to see more of this in the Last Dance documentary.

One example of this can be seen when Scottie Pippen returned to the game having been out for months due to a foot injury. Rodman decided to place his jersey number 33 around his head to support Pippen back.

Now that’s what we call a friend!

Fun Fact: If were being honest we still think it looks more like cheetah print.



Smiley Face

smiley face

In true Rodman fashion wanting to bring happiness to the crowd and players he decided to place a smiley face on the back of his head.

No true meaning here but an expression that served its purpose. If you noticed it and smiled? Then the style worked.

Making emojis cool before there time!



Aids Ribbon

Aids Ribbon

While there were campaigns and marketing to support those with Aids and HIV Dennis took it upon himself to use his celebrity and influence too further raise awareness to the issues.

Members of the LGBT community were most prone to the disease and Dennis spoke up about this.

These are his words verbatim

“I felt like calling attention to aids. I had the aids ribbon coloured into my hair during the playoffs in 1995.”



Dennis Rodman Hair Dyed Green

Dennis Rodman Hair Dyed Green

A true trend setter in every sense of the word, Dennis was never afraid to be daring. This is evident by the green dyed hair he wore on games which was never seen on a basketball player prior to him.

In addition to this moment, he appeared on the Late Show back in August 1996 in which he sprayed Letterman’s hair in the same colour. In other words, everyone joins the party!

Click to watch Footage of Dennis Rodman on Late Show spraying Letterman’s hair.



Dennis Rodman Hair Dyed Blonde

Dennis Rodman Hair Dyed Blonde

While we cannot place a specific signature look on Dennis as he changed his hair colours frequently one of the first colours he dyed his hair in was blonde.

This initially started out as a mohawk and as time went by, he began to style his hair in the same colour with a mini afro.

From the archives it appears that this hair colour appeared from 1993-95 and 1995-98.



Multi Colour (Rainbow)

dennis rodman rainbow

Can’t decide a colour? No problem, pick them all. While Rodman dyed his hair in specific colours we also saw multiple times in which the athlete dyed his hair in multiple colours.

Again, no real meaning here but the desire to express himself and art.

Fun Fact: Redman references his hair in the old smash hit Dirrty
“My block live and in color like Rodman hair (Yeah)”



Zig Zag Pattern

Zig Zag Pattern

With the personality of creativity and always wanting to standout resulted in the zig zag hairstyle he decided to place on his hair.

To further highlight the line patterns his hair was dyed which would naturally reflect those patterns.

The use of black, yellow, and red will always allow you to stand out! For the uniqueness of these styles his stylist deserves a raise, immediately.



Trilogy III

Trilogy III

Before going blonde, red, green or any of the other outlandish colours that he styled, Dennis Rodman’s first creative hairstyle involved trimming custom messages into the back of his head back in 1991 which continues to be a statement in NBA history.

The “Trilogy III” message appeared at the outset of the 1991 NBA playoffs, suggesting Rodman had his eye on a third consecutive NBA championship. He meant business and was determined to win.



Tram Lines & Fade

The Tram Lines is a popular 80s & 90s hairstyle for men that involved drawing straight and thin lines down the middle of your hair. This look was seen on Dennis prior to his flaymboant hair colours. Just Dennis in his natural hair colour, faded sides and lines to compliment to look.



Dennis Rodman NFT’s

Dennis Rodman NFT’s

In homage of his heydays on the court Dennis recently partnered with studio Metacurio to create a series of 5,000+ NFTs.

The collection features illustrated silhouettes of Rodman with multiple different hair colours and styles similar to his own signature game-day looks over the years. If these NFT’s don’t prove he was in a league of his own, then I don’t know what will.



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