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The Wale dreads discussion has been pin pointed as an area for discussion and interest due to the rapper using his hair as a medium for self-expression, creativity, and individualism which Hip Hop Culture is all about.

From 2 strand twists, braid outs, Bantu knots, cornrows to pineapple tops, Wale Dreads have been privy to the most popular styles within the dreadlock community and our editorial will cover the most popular ones he alternates between.

The influence of Jamaican culture within Hip Hop has resulted in multiple rappers with dreads with Wale being one of the most popular rappers styling his hair this way.

We have created a timeline below detailing when he started his dreads as well as the different styles he alternates between.



When and how did Wale start his Dreads?

Wale Dreads throughout the years (1)

 WhenThanks to the internet we can trace back to Wale dreads being started back in early 2009. For the majority of the year we saw the rapper in traditional starter dreads often worn with a fitted cap.


How- From the images we can see during this period Wale grew out a medium size afro in order to set the foundation for his dreads and then had them twisted in a square parting system.



A Detailed Look

The video below covers the Wale Dreads conversation in further detail in which we can see the different phases his hair went through. The one constant factor with regard to his dreads is that there healthy and styled in multiple ways.


In his 13 year hair journey Wale has not once dyed or bleached his dreads which we believe is a significant contributing factor as to why they are healthy.



Short Dreads

short dreads

As we mentioned above Wale began his loc journey in 2009 and throughout this period he was restricted to styling his hair due to its short length.

At this stage his hair was beginning to form and structure into the hair parting system he had chosen.


Medium Dreads

medium locs

2 Years into Wales hair journey and we can begin to see the rapper experiment with simple styles such as braids or pony tail. Though the majority of this phase still saw Wale leaving his hair to grow with minimal manipulation.


Long Dreads

Long Locs

Today we estimate his dreads to be anywhere between 16 and 20 inches. His long locs are a product of patience and regular maintenance which we can see throughout his social media accounts, interviews and music videos.

A By-product of his long locs are the option to be able to style them in multiple different ways which we cover below.


Bantu Knots

dread bantu knots

Bantu knots or in Wale’s case Bantu Dreads, are a traditional African hairstyle that has been around for over 100 years which may explain his recent choice to style his hair this way.

Being of Nigerian decent Wale continues to use African traditions and symbolism to communicate his sense of style and history.

Outside of the cultural aspect they are a protective hairstyle that’s easy to maintain and can be worn to save time during your day to day errands.


2 Strand Twists

2 strand twists

2 Strand twists may be the most popular dread style in the loc community for its simplicity, rope effect look whilst giving you the ability to wear to for 6-8weeks.

As Wales dreads began to reach shoulder length we saw the rapper begin to twist his hair more.

It should be noted that once hair is placed in a 2 strand twist shrinking does occur therefore the final hair length is not a true representation of how long a person’s hair is.


Braid Out

twist out

Who said it stopped at 2 Strand Twists ay? Once you take your dreads out of its twists you get the crinkly effect which is what’s known as a braid out or twist out.

Wale has been known to style his hair this way and continues to do so for its unique look.



cornrow dreads

Throughout Wale’s Dreads journey we have seen him style his hair in multiple ways, one being cornrows. Dread cornrows are very versatile for the simple fact that you are able to determine multiple directions you want your hair to go down.

Wale has worn his cornrows sideways, straight down and across in an attempt to be creative.

Remember: If styling your hair this way it’s very important to ensure you’re moisturizing your hair daily as you will have some locs tucked away not exposed, so ensure you’re spritzing your hair with rose water daily.


Pineapple Top

wale dreads styles

Another signature look for Wale, the pineapple Top Dreads which is usually styled with all dreads being pulled towards the crown of the head, tied up and left to hang or tied with a rubber band.

Another protective hairstyle which has become a favourite for the rapper over the years.

Want to achieve the same look? We advise you talk to your loctician, show them the hairstyle or watch YouTube video tutorials as their multiple examples of the style being done.



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