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Outside of being recognised for his flamboyant rock star style, Jim Jones Braids remains a significant part of the rappers personal style. While Jim has often been trolled on social media due to the frizziness of his hair he has ignored remarks and rocked his braids with confidence for as long as we can remember.

Since his debut with fellow rap label mate Camron in 1998 Jim Jones has sported his braids which he began growing after leaving high school.

Our editorial covers an in depth look into Jim Jones’s hair evolution which predominately consists of

  • Cornrows
  • Short Afro Fade
  • Off Scalp Braids

We will use the timeline of Jim Jones Hair during his time as an artist which should help put things into perspective.



Jim Jones Braids Evolution



Cornrows (Late 90s – 2011)

Jim jones braided

Rappers with Braids during the 90s were the minority as the men during this era usually sported the buzz cut or bald look. Which meant rappers such as Jim Jones standing out due to his long hairstyle.

We were first introduced to Jim Jones as Camron’s best friend and hype man during the late 90s who quickly became recognised for having his hair blown out or in cornrows.

Jim continued this style as he became a much more popular solo act thus being an integral part of his image.

Below we have included images of Jim Jones Braids from the late 90s up until 2011 when he decided to cut his hair.

cornrow hair

While cornrow hair can be styled in different patterns and styles Jim Jones usually wore his cornrow in the traditional style being straight down. Clean and Simple.



Short Afro Fade (2011 – 2020)

jim jones hair

Up until 2011 Jim Jones had been growing his hair for over 15 years. At this point the decision was made for Jim to try another style which he revealed via his social media accounts.

This was a massive shock at the time due to Jim Jones Braids being a signature look for the rapper.

From 2011 – 2020 we saw Jim Jones rock a curly afro along with a distinctive burst fade taper running along behind his ear, leaving hair longer at the neck whilst faded into his beard.

jim jones haircut



Off Scalp Braids (Current Look)

off scalp braids

Ludacris Braids weren’t the only popular trademark look to make a full resurgence during the lockdown! Rapper Jim Jones brought his back too!

Having rocked the short afro fade from 2011 up until 2020, Jimmy decided it was time to grow his hair back which he started during this period.

Since then we have seen the rapper predominately rock his hair with braids off scalp, different to his trademark signature cornrows.

While we have seen him rock cornrow on occasion it’s evident that Jim Jones’s preference today is the off scalp Braids.



Jim Jones Braids Gallery

off scalp braids



Tips to maintain Cornrows

The process of cornrowing hair is simple, and we advise you see a hair stylist. We however believe the real work comes in the maintenance and care of this style. If you have been inspired by Jim Jones’s Hair then make sure you follow our list


Make sure that cornrows aren’t too Tight
If you feel this style is tight always tell your stylist! This is to prevent breakage due to hair stress or the start of alopecia

Constantly moisturize your scalp
This can be as simple as spraying your hair with rose water daily


Oil your Scalp
Oil helps in scalp health and is vital for thick hair growth! Ensure you choose one that doesn’t irritate your scalp.


Protect your hair while sleeping with a Durag
The main use of durags is to protect your hair at night while also being able to ensure styles last for an extended period.

Not sure how to tie a Durag? How to Tie a Durag, According to A$AP Ferg should get you started.


Ensure you take your Hair out every 6 Weeks
Simple, this is just hygiene! Your hair has been exposed to multiple layers of dirt and environmental factors which requires up keep! Wash days are your best friend!


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