Tua Tagovailoa Hair (Detailed Look + Gallery)

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The foundation of Tua Tagovailoa Hair style is the short back and sides. Where things get interesting is the multiple variations he styled his hair with this foundation.

  • Traditional High top
  • Sides Grown Out
  • Mohawk (Dyed Hair Alternative)

Our editorial includes a gallery of Tua’s signature hairstyle as well as a detailed look at his hair type.

Tua Tagovailoa Hair Type

Tua’s hair type ranges between 2C and 3A which is evident by his wavy curl pattern.

His Samoan ethnic background is reflected in his hair type ranging between a 2C and 3A. Reddit tried to imagine what Tua would look like if he decided to grow his hair, the result, long wavy locks, something like Roman Reigns hair.

hair comparison

Surprise Surprise, there both Samoan!

Clearly their ethnicity is shown in their hair, anyway I digress.

Whilst it would be easier to assess his hair if it were shoulder length we can still see his curl pattern.

Tua Tagovailoa Hair Gallery

Traditional High Top Haircut

One of the more popular styles amongst guys with wavy hair is the wavy pomp and its clear to see why. With short back and side our attention is concentrated on his volume!

Tua Tagovailoa Hair in a high top fade

A quality pomade will allow you to mould and manipulate the style to your liking with a finish off at the barbers to ensure the side and back length are kept low.

Sides Grown Out

Ok, guilty as charged, you caught us, this is NOT a hairstyle but its deserving of a subheading since he’s seen with his sides grown out on many occasions.

Sides Grown Out

At this level of fame a notoriety a personal barber is not far fetched who could cut him whenever and wherever he pleases yet on the odd occasion to see his hair grown out is normal.

Mohawk (Dyed Hair Alternative)

Whilst the foundation of his hairstyle has for the most part remained consistent we have seen him alternate between his natural dark black hair and blonde ends.

Tua Tagovailoa Hair in mohawk

Disclaimer: Applying any sort of chemical to your hair is a very risky job as this can lead to breakage or thinning if not done correctly, therefore we always recommend you use a professional.

Key Take Away: Have a Signature Look

Going through our archives it becomes immediately apparent that Tua found the look that worked for him and made it his trademark.

How do you get that trademark look? There’s no way around it, trail and error, testing different hairstyles and selecting the one best suited for your face.

  • A/B test your Haircuts
    Find 2 to 3 haircuts you like and take pictures in them all to see which one is best suited to you

  • Grow out your Hair
    Its time to get experimental with your hair and this comes in the form of trying new styles.

  • Select the Best Products
    Product selection comes down to ensuring what you use is best for your hair type. If you’re unsure ask your barber or hairstylist.

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