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For many wrestlers, their hairstyles are the most noticeable features they have. One of such is Roman Reigns hair. The superstar who has just become a hero for a lot of WWE’s youngsters had an unobtrusive, amusing interview in which he discussed his hair difficulties and how he deals with the maintenance on a day to day.

There is a slew of Reigns-related parodies and running gags, as there are with anything linked to the online wrestling scene. And one thing you’ll notice in these memes is his hair is forever wet, dark, and shiny, something that our post will also demonstrate. 


Roman Reigns Hair Type

Roman Reigns Hairstyles (1)

While Roman Reigns is half Samoan and half Italian it’s his Samoan side which is prevalent when it comes to his hair.

This is evident by the long dark, thick black curly hair he has and keeps in good health.

What’s even more interesting is that in Samoan tradition they believe there are spiritual components to one’s hair which is why most of the people avoid cutting their hair. This would explain his length and thickness. 



In Pop Culture

As a result of Roman Reigns stardom within the WWE action figures have been produced which mimic his long black hair. This same representation can be seen across different video games

Action Figure Roman Reigns

These action figures emphasize on the individual traits and features possessed by the athletes , another example can be seen on the Seth Rollins action figure which includes Seth Rollins Hair dyed black and blonde, a styled he used during the early stages of his career.


Why Do Wrestlers Wet Their Hair?

Wrestlers wet their hair for an athletic look. The wrestlers that do this have the advantage of looking as though they left the gym, full of strength and ready to kick ass. Sweat alongside a great physique implies strength which is why wrestlers wet their hair and bodies.

Superstars in the 1950s and 1960s used real oil to enjoy this effect, which caused them to overheat sometimes. Today contemporary wrestlers love to go with the water option and its less slippery than body oil and provides a cooler look.


Roman Reigns Hair Current Look

As per his current appearance, Romans Reigns still retains his normal hairstyle of a sheeny long dark, flowing black hair with shaved hair sides.


Tied Up while not Wrestling with Shaved sides 

shaved sides

roman reigns hair tied back


Wet and Down during Matches 

wrestlers with wet hair

wet and down



Maintenance Routine 

As implied earlier, Roman Reigns has an ever-wet, sheeny, and dark hair that has become a characteristic of his persona. He undergoes some hair care regimen that helps him keep such great hair. They include, washing, conditioning and staying healthy.


  • The state of the hair is frequently a mirror of the state of the body. How frequently do you encounter a man with nice-looking hair such as Roman Reign who is also unhealthy? This does not happen very often. Stress, a bad diet, insomnia, and smoking are all factors that lead to dull and poor health conditions, lifeless hair. Like Roman Reign, by eating healthy, drinking enough water, quitting smoking, decreasing time spent on stressful activities, and living well; your body will reward you by giving you nice hair. 


  •  Choosing the right conditioning and shampooing products is one of the best steps you can take for getting great hair. According to Roman Reigns, using a wide-tooth comb before shampooing will make your hair free from unnecessary tangles and make it appear all the more attractive.


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