Trey Lance Hair (Detailed Look + Gallery)

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Why does Trey Lance hair continuously seem to be an area of interest throughout sports and social media, good question,

  • His Curly Locks
  • Faded Line Up
  • Thinning Crown

Since his 2021 NFL Draft his hair has garnered just as much attention as his athletic stats, previous injuries and the fact that he is the highest drafted quarterback since Alex Smith in 2005, I mean that says a lot, right?

Our editorial includes a gallery of the athletes signature hairstyle as well as a detailed look at his hair type & thinning crown.

Trey Lance Hair Type

Trey Lance’s hair falls under type 3 hair which are loose curls.

Trey Lance Hair Type

His hair becomes much tighter and more defined towards the ends with a great amount of volume.

His S Shaped curls become much more defined with the use of a lightweight leave-in conditioner.

Thinning Crown

During a press conference in which Trey spoke about his team’s preseason defeat of the Green Bay Packers, one thing stood out like a sore thumb, his thin crown!

Thinning Crown

While Trey conversated with the reporter we are able to see his curly locks hanging from the sides with a very thin crown which had social media in a frenzy.

Each and every time we see any sports athlete experience hair thinning or balding we get similar reactions, Trae Young Hair and Lebron James hairline being examples of this in different sports.

Trey Lance Hair thinning crown

We understand there are a number of reasons for male pattern baldness ranging from, genetics, certain medications or hormonal changes.

Signature Hair Style

Outside of his thinning crown we continuously see the athlete keep his hairstyle faded on the sides with a distinctive front line up fade.

curls and fade

Our arrow demonstrates where his front taper is which is what makes his hairstyle more unique.

The front taper on a line up is often seen amongst men with braids or dreads in order to ensure their hairline doesn’t recede from the various pulling and braiding styles.

In Treys case he keeps his front fade low with his curls loosely flowing. Alternatively we see him wearing his headband to protect his hair during game days under his helmet.

Trey Lance Hair Gallery

We have included the various hairstyles rocked by Trey since his NFL draft!

curls and front fade
thinning front and curls
Trey Lance Hair side view

Key Take Away: Maintenance

At any point you begin to notice your hair thinning we advise you see a professional who will be able to closely examine the root issue and advise the next best course of action.

Whilst we understand certain conditions are inevitable we still advise you take the best care of your hair whether it be type 3 hair lie Trey or tightly coiled type 4 hair.

Essentially by having a good hair care routine you are mitigating risk.

  • Oil your scalp
  • Keep protective styles in for 6 weeks.
  • Protect hair at night or doing any physical activity.
  • Moisturise our Hair with great products!

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