Keenan Allen Hair or Lack of! (Detailed Look + Gallery)

Written By Bakes

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Since the 2013 NFL Draft we have witnessed the Keenan Allen Hair journey which in real time demonstrates the athlete go from a full set of hair to his current bald look.

Our editorial will highlight each stage in his journey

  • Buzz Cut
  • 1st Sign of Thinning
  • Bald Haircut + Beard

Keenan Allen Hair in a Buzz Cut

The year is 2013, Chargers are in the third round of the 2013 NFL Draft and have selected Keenan Allen.

buzz cut

During this time period the rookie athlete does his press and interviews in the crew cut as our image demonstrates above.

Its quite easy to see why the crew cut has been a favourite amongst men for decades, its simple, practical and requires minimal effort to maintain.

What’s even more interesting is that we began to see minor signs of balding.

1st Signs Thinning

As time went on his bald spots seemed to become more apparent and something that couldn’t be ignored.

Keenan Allen Hair thinning

The 1ST signs of balding of the athlete were his receding hairline and thinning temple.

We understand there are a number of reasons for male pattern baldness ranging from, genetics, certain medications or hormonal changes. Regardless of the cause he decided to make the next big step and shave it all off!

Bald Haircut + Beard

Male Pattern Baldness doesn’t seem to have slowed down Keenan in the slightest, in fact most deem this as an attractive trait, the acceptance of his new reality.

Keenan Allen bald

Better than holding onto dear life which we have seen other athletes do in the past, cough cough, Trey Lance Hair

Now with that out the way I think we would all agree that the unspoken rule for balding men is to grow out your beard to further give you the masculine look.

The beauty hair gives us is a youthful appearance, that out of the way then the option to look like a bald badass sports racer is the 2nd option which doesn’t sound to bad.

How to grow a Beard like Keenan?

In the same position as Keenan? Going Bald and decided to not go to turkey for a hair transplant but rock the bald cut then lets get you started on that beard!

At Heartafact we like to keep things simple

  • Find the right beard style for you.
  • Grow it and be patient.
  • Establish a maintenance routine and that means beard oil.
  • Eat the right organic foods whilst limiting processed foods.