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The first thing that comes to mind when you hear Timothee Chalamet’s name are his latest movie roles and Hollywood moves, second thing that comes to mind? His curls, which would explain the Timothee Chalamet Hair obsession on social media.

Outside of his star presence in Hollywood and influence on the e boy fashion scene we have noticed a growing trend of men wanting to style their hair in similar ways.

Our editorial will detail his hair and how you can achieve this look.

Timothee Chalamet Hair Evolution
(2013 – 2017)

timothee chalamet Hair evolution

2013His hair evolution dates back to January 2013 when baby-faced Chalamet appeared at the Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles; his hairstyle then could be described as a spiky updo at best and forgettable at worst; it wasn’t offensive but also not interesting enough to differentiate him from most young men in Hollywood his age.

2014 – Timothee appeared at Toronto International Film Festival to promote Men, Women & Children; he had a new hair texture. It seems it had less gel and has been given a quick blow dry treatment.

2017– Fast-forward a little to 2017, when Chalamet attended the Sundance Film Festival in January for the premiere of Call Me By Your Name, his hair was curly, and the fans loved it. The fans response would make this his signature look.

Timothee Chalamet Hair Gallery ( Current & Signature Look)

Timothee Chalamet Hair in curls

curly hair

Steps to get Timothee Chalamet’s Hair

Rather then tell you, lets show you! In the youtube video below Dan shows you how to get the Timothée Chalamet DUNE Haircut.



In 2018, Chalamet showed up in a panel during a press on the upcoming Beautiful Boy, having done a haircut.

Beautiful Boy premiere

Beautiful Boy premiere 2018

Many argue his role inspired the bowl cut to p to play a bad boy 15th-century king for Netflix’s adaptation of Shakespeare’s Henry V, opposite Robert Pattinson. But still, Timothee made the haircut work for his hairstyle.

Having a ‘tonsure’ haircut is the furthered Chalamet has gone with cutting his hair. The usual hairstyle he rocks with still needs some trimming, which is better done by expert barbers like; Jason Schneidman and Christine Nelli.

For people with hair similar to Chalamet’s, Nelli recommends;  “I would suggest getting longer layers, keeping it shaggy around the hairline and ears, and longer on top where it falls right above the eyes,” He adds. “A modern shag with more layers would also be great for adding more texture.”


Since you can’t buy Chalamet’s hair off the shelves, you can try some shampoo products to grow similar hair. Timothee doesn’t use regular shampoo to clean his hair.

Before the GQ shoot, Chalamet washed his hair with a cleansing conditioner. This does not contain sulfates, which is an element that suds hair. A foaming conditioner is gentler and has emulsification factors, which wash hair in a smoother, less rough manner. This is particularly good for those with a natural texture like Chalamet.


“Washing the hair too much can dry it out; it’s true—your scalp naturally produces sebum (oil) that, for many of us, helps give the hair that perfect lived-in look.

“When you want the more undone bedhead look, a lived-in look is where it’s at,”  Nelli recommends you wash your hair once and not more than twice a week.

The Hold

For those with wavy hair and who want to emulate Chalamet’s hair, Schneidman says, “You already have a look; it’s just about locking in those waves.”

The Hold

Having some natural movement to your hair gets you off to a great start when wanting to emulate Chalamet’s ‘do. It’s just about using the right products to hold your waves in natural shape for days.”

Hair texture is different depending on the hair products you use. Your hair is not curly like Chalamet’s, and it ok. To create some hair waves, use a larger barrel iron wave or coil to pull the hair without bending it.

While the texture is wet, you want to enhance your hair hold by applying some cream or paste.  Schneidman recommends The Men’s Groomer’s Paste “because it’s not too sticky,” he says. “It has moisture, so it travels easily through the hair’s length while offering a medium hold and some separation.”

For a good hair hold, Nelli recommends; I like a good curl cream to compliment the spray afterward, to bring out the waviness and gloss the ends.”

Recommended Products

  • R+Co Analog Cleansing Foam ConditionerFor light, natural and authentic hair.


  • Conditioner by TheMensGroomerIt is best for moisturizing by utilizing a combination of vital ingredients for hair restorationRevitalizes dry, damaged hair. Also, it repels future oil and dirty beachy coconut fresh scent leaving your hair smelling incredible. Most importantly, it’s sulfate-free, safe for color-treated hair
  • Paste by themensgroomerThis styling paste does not dry stiff; it allows flexibility throughout the day and adds enough moisture, keeping the hair matte with a bit of shine, creating perfect texture & volume. Also, it makes a unique texture that won’t leave your hair too stiff or sticky. Our hair paste is movable, so you can capture the exact look you desire

It not only promotes volume and thickness but is a hair paste that also eliminates frizz and makes dull hair look alive

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