Bald Rappers in Hip Hop – 2023 List

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Male Pattern Baldness doesn’t seem to have slowed down these bald rappers, in fact most of the artist’s featured on the list have used it to their advantage with the ladies, branding and most importantly inspiring men with the same conditions worldwide.

Our editorial will highlight some of the most prominent figures in hip hop culture who have gone bald without a care in the world in 2023 and previously.


In an interview with Pitchfork Common explained his hair loss taking place during the cornrow era and by that he means the mid-90s!

Bald Rappers in Hip Hop

Whilst the 90s were a great demonstration of multiple Hip Hop Hairstyles cornrows and braids continued to be one of the more influential styles thanks to rappers like Snoop Dogg.

Unfortunately for Common his hair began to thin during this period and whilst he’s fine with that reality he has expressed going bald being overrated due to lack of styling options. Don’t be so hard on yourself Common, come on man!


Fat Joe

At this point its very rare to find images of Fat Joe with hair unless it’s from his teenage years!

Bald Rappers today

Since the 90s we have always seen Fat Joe in a relatively low buzz cut which therefore made the transition to his bald look seamless. In flow joe his hair is trimmed right down to the scalp, so his bald reveal was no surprise and he’s kept it that way ever since.


We can all agree that certain rappers look better bald as opposed to with hair and DMX is a great example of this!

the best Bald Rappers

His bald look was the pinnacle of his brand image and identity. Album covers, music videos, interviews, press and on tour we always saw DMX with his bald head.

From our documented archives the rare images we have of DMX with hair are from his court appearances.

We can see the rapper’s receding hairline and thin crown which would explain his bald look which suited him better!  


Since founding cash money back in the 90s we have only ever seen Birdman rock the bald head with the occasional rare image of his afro resurfacing from time to time.

rappers with no hair

At this point it’s well known that he keeps his bald look fresh with regular shaves and shines.

The attention quickly moved from his baldness to his face and head due to the large red star placed right on his crown! Maybe common could get some tips from Birdman on how to switch it up ay?

Outside of Birdman Here are all the rappers with face tattoos!


During his peak in the 90s Coolio’s hair featured some of the most unique braids simply due to the way he styled his hair upright, today however that’s not the case.

coolio hair

While there are several different male balding patterns, in Coolio’s case he began thinning at the crown of his head with hair only to be left on the side.

Should someone tell him may be its time to cut it all off? Maybe?



Whilst the internet is filled with contradictions surrounding whether Tupac was balding at an early age or decided too out of choice one thing we know for certain is that the transition was perfect and suited him well.


Prior to his bald cuts we saw Tupac in multiple hairstyles such as Afro fades, Jheri Curls and 2 level high tops!

As he began to shift away from poetry, movies and writing he would embrace a thug life image which influenced his new bald look which would go on to be his signature look!


Dame Dash

Ok ok you got us, Dames not a rapper but he’s just as much Hip Hop as anyone else on the list so shut it!

dame dash shaven

I don’t think there’s an image of Dame Dash with hair that lives on the internet, I mean if you find it do let us know and send it through.

Dame has always bragged about his expensive lifestyle as he’s one to keep up appearances. This has involved regular haircuts to keep his Baldy always looking fresh.


Styles P & Sheek Louch

The misconception around Jadakiss being bald existed due to his fellow rap crew members Styles & Sheek going bald at a young age.

styles and sheek bald

To keep a uniform look with his rap group LOX Jadakiss made a conscious decision to shave his hair off, however in modern times he decided to grow it back often poking fun at his brothers!

One thing can’t be denied the group bald look worked well for this image and branding.



Similarly to the LOX, each member of Onyx kept their heads shaved to match the group aesthetic and uniform look.


We can’t find images of the group members with hair which should be evident just how long they have styled their hair this way! Since the 90s its been the bald look!



Footage of Pitbull dating back to 2001 feature the young artist in braids which were cut by the mid-2000s as he began to change his musical style and direction for Pop


In addition to this John Travolta opened up about embracing his baldness citing Pitbull as his motivation to make the big change.


I mean if Pitbull can get John Travlota to shave his head surely he can convince Coolio to shave off the sides of his head too.


We can’t have a bald rappers list without the legend Rakim!


Images of the veteran during the late 80s all consist of the MC sporting his long faded hair which he styled as his trademark look.

Today however we see the veteran bald whilst fully embracing his new look.

Whilst its typical for rappers to age in appearance due to hair loss this is quite the opposite for Rakim as his bald look adds to his youthful appearance at his age.


The only image that lives on the internet of Jeezy with hair is a mug shot and its terrible. Since 2005 he’s always rocked the bald look with a healthy beard.  


There’s a misconception that bald men don’t groom as much as men with hair which is not only false but in an episode with GQ Jeezy shows off his grooming routine.

One of the benefits most men experience after going bald is their desire to learn about grooming increases whilst being more hands on just like we see Jeezy in the episode of Grooming Gods.

Going to a barber Is all well and good but self-grooming is a form of self-care!

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