Drake Beard (Detailed Look, Instructions and Gallery)

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Each Drake beard style represents a different part of his musical career having witnessed his facial hair growth in real time.

For example, his clean shaven days remind us of 2009 as the world was being introduced to the new rapper whilst today it’s a full blown beard along with braids.

Our editorial will not only highlight each Drake Beard Stage but give you instructions to achieve a similar look.


Every Drake Beard Style and Timeline (Gallery)



Clean Shaven (2009)

The year is 2009, rap music is changing and were getting ready to enter a new decade which will be spear headed by the young clean shaven rapper!

clean shaven

All public appearances, tours, interviews and press around this period featured Drake in his clean shaven look!

Prior to music the rapper starred in the TV show Degrassi which featured a much younger Drake with no facial hair.

2008 to 2009 was his transition period and whilst we saw a little stubble, he was still a baby face Rookie!



Short Stubble (2011)

2011, 2 studio albums under his belt with the respect of his peers we began to see his confidence levels rise.

drake beard in stubble

Its quite evident Drake wanted a new look which would explain his short stubble which also appeared on his album covers Thank me later and Take Care.

Short stubble is always the best and safe option for men who have been clean shaven most of their life wanting to try a new look and drake pulled this off with style!



Medium Stubble (2015 – 2016)

Whilst he kept his short stubble look we started to see Drake alternate between the 2 variations, short and medium.

medium stubble

As short stubble is normally achieved with 2-3 days of growth it takes an additional 3-4 days more to reach the medium stubble lengths and as we’d imagine he has his personal barber which allowed him to alter his levels as he pleased.

If your beard grows as fast as Drakes, we suggest you invest in an electric shaver because you know, not everybody can afford a personal barber.

Investing in a shaver will also allow you to create a weekly routine. It’s also good for cleaning up the neckline and cheek lines for that defined look!




Full Beard (2018 Onwards)

Our estimation is that since 2018 we have only seen Drake in a Full Beard.

Our prediction is that its not going to change!

facial hair

Drake continues to rock the full beard with a constant line up and grooming routine. It’s also been proven that women are more attracted to men with full beards which we believe plays a role in his modern look and sex appeal status!

I mean let’s face it, you can’t be the 6 God with a clean shaven baby face can you? Nope!

 For those of you that ask How to Grow a Full Beard, Gillette covers everything you need to know.



Short Hipster Beard (Current Look)

To coincide with being the biggest rapper worldwide we have seen Drake make a statement through his hipster beard.

full hipster beard

The shaved hipster is the modern virtual signal of masculinity, power, and strength all of which have been acquired through his success.

The statement beard further drawing attention, sparking interest, intrigue, and inspiration its no wonder the Drake Beard topic continues to be a conversation, as if his success alone wasn’t enough!



Drake’s Hairstyles

Whilst were focusing on his beard his hair has played an equal amount of importance when it comes to his personal style and image.

different hairstyles

Drake’s hairstyles have been well documented at this point which include the buzz cut, afro curls, fades, and braids.

No longer can we pinpoint a signature look for the rapper as he’s styled his hair many ways.


At the time of writing this editorial his hair is in cornrows and if there’s one thing we know about Drake it’s his spontaneity, lets see how long he keeps his braids before changing for a new style.



How to grow a Drake Beard

As the saying goes, there many ways to skin a cow, however this doesn’t apply to male facial hair.

We all must follow the same principles which is patience, good nutrition, and a grooming routine.


Follow these Tips for a Drake Beard

  • Use Beard Oil
  • Good Nutrition and Water
  • Be Patient

Beard Oil Beard oil is a grooming product that is used to condition and moisturize the beard which will support beard growth and healthy skin.

It can be used as a standalone product or in conjunction with a beard balm or wax


Good NutritionHealthy and conscious eating from a balanced diet has been proven to benefit facial hair and skin. Ensure your eating lean protein, healthy fats, vegetables whilst drinking a lot of water.


Patient When it comes to beards its all about patience and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

If you wanted to grow a manbun you wouldn’t expect to see results in 6 weeks from a buzz cut. Not its going to take months and we raise this point to reset your expectations which is why along the way you must learn to appreciate the journey.


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