The Best Austin Butler Hair Moments

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In no order, we are going to look at the best Austin Butler Hair moments he’s worn in support of movie characters as well as alternating signature styles such as his

  • Quiff
  • Black Quiff
  • Messy Hair
  • Messy Hair (Slicked Sides)
  • Long Hair (Shoulder Length)

To date we have seen the actor star in over 30 Hollywood productions which has called for different hairstyles all of which we highlight.

Our editorial highlights his signature hairstyles along with a gallery of other styles he alternates between!

Austin Butler Hair Type

Austin Butler’s hair type is loose wavy hair which ranges between 2A – 2B.

Austin Butler Hair Type

His loose S-shape pattern becomes apparent at medium and long lengths. This hair type will require more products such as gel stylers for a more defined look.

Here are the Best Austin Butler Hair Moments


The quiff today is just as influential as it were back in the 1950s with actors such as Austin continuing to make the look their trademark.

Austin Butler Hair in a quiff

In addition to this we also saw him styling the quiff more throughout 2022 in preparation for the screen play Elvis!

The style not only compliments him but we also get to see his hair length and texture which is thick wavy hair, ranging between 2A and 2B.

Black Quiff

In preparation for his biggest movie role to date we saw Austin having his hair dyed black and placed in a quiff to really channel his inner Elvis.

Austin Butler Hair in a black quiff

Now we all know Elvis wore a magnitude of hairstyles, however his signature look was the classic pompadour which was known as the Ducktail or Jelly Roll.

In order for the actor to have a congruent image with the person their portraying the hair must be in alignment, so that means the natural born brunette can be seen in his dark black locks!

Disclaimer: Applying any sort of chemical to your hair is a very risky job as this can lead to breakage or thinning if not done correctly, therefore we always recommend you use a professional.

Messy Hair

If there’s one thing were certain on its Austin making a public appearance in his messy hair look in which he gets to subtly show off his thick wavy hair.

Austin Butler Hair messy

Some strands across his forehead whilst some are to the sides, this is a look which we class as the signature Austin Butler Hair style!

Now there’s this really big misconception around messy hair, which is that there’s no styling or product involved, well that’s wrong.

You’re going to need good quality wax or pomade and slightly massage it into your hair which ultimately gives it the textured finished look.

Messy Hair (Slicked Sides)

Now with a slight variation were able to see the subtle difference when we compare his messy hair and his messy hair with slicked sides.

messy hair

This small intricate detail is enough to make all the difference in the world and it does, ask yourself did those slicks sides catch your eye? Yes, it did!

The most interesting thing about his messy hair is that it’s a variation of many styles, slicked sides, textured at front and spikes at back, I mean talk about versatile.

Long Hair

Everything from ponytails, man buns, long curly hair to straight down shoulder length was styled during this phase.

long hair

Whatever your preference is regarding his hairstyle 1 thing that can’t be denied is the options available are abundant which we got to see him also style in movies.

Take once upon a time in Hollywood or the Shannara chronicles, we see Austin’s hair at shoulder length which his congruent to the character he portrays in each of the films.

Extended Gallery

In our extended gallery you’ll see other hairstyles he’s worn on the red carpet, on movie set and at the award shows.

Austin Butler Hairstyle gallery

Key Take Away: Don’t be scared to try New Styles

Sure, the prerequisite for TV and Film is various hairstyles and looks, however there’s a lesson in there for us which is try new styles!

  • A/B test your Haircuts
    Find 2 to 3 hairstyles from our list above and begin to test those out. Take pictures in these different styles and select when you looked best, ask others for their opinion if need be.

  • Select the Best Products
    Product selection comes down to ensuring what you use is best for your hair type. If you’re unsure ask your barber or hairstylist.

  • Be Consistent
    Once you’ve gone through the trouble of growing your hair for months, testing what works and what doesn’t you will eventually have your style, good! Now rock the look like you own it!

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