The Best Randy Orton Hair Moments

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In real time we’ve seen various changes such as going from rookie to heel, his impeccable Character Development & influence, what hasn’t changed as much are Randy Orton Hair styles, these have always ranged from his, 

  • Short Buzz Cut
  • Short Crew Cut with Fade
  • Completely Shaven
  • Wet Quiff
  • Quiff

Our editorial will provide a visual gallery of his signature look as well as his previous crew cut, bearded style and grooming routine.

Randy Orton Hair Line

Before we dive into Randy’s alternating hair styles we’ll start off with one of his most distinctive features, his widows peak hairline.

Randy Orton Hair Line

The sharp V-shape hairline draws attention to the center of his forehead, accentuating his face and often highlighting his other facial features.

This would explain his decision to switch between shorter haircuts such as the buzz cut or crew cut as it complements the look best.

Short Buzz Cut

Hairstyles play a significant role in creating a wrestler’s visual identity and for his heel image he needed a no nonsense look, enter the buzz cut.

Short Buzz Cut

The buzz cut accentuated his chiseled facial features, giving him a more rugged and intense appearance whilst also highlighting his occasional thick mustache due to the contrast.

The buzz cut offers numerous benefits for wrestlers and athletes alike. Its easy maintenance, enhanced comfort, practicality during competition, reduced distractions, professional appearance and easy post-activity hygiene.

Short Crew Cut with Fade

The transition between the buzz cut and crew cut is seamless since it only takes a few weeks to gain length which he then has maintained with a skin fade.

Randy Orton Hair in a short crew cut and fade

Since wrestlers are always on the road selecting hairstyles that are practical and functional it saves time.

The fade added an element of smoothness, symbolizing his ability to transition seamlessly from one move to the next, just like the smooth transition between different lengths in his hair.

Completely Shaven

The completely shaven look helped with the portrayal of his intimidating character, and that’s a look that’s worked for many other wrestlers, take stone cold for example.

Completely Shaven

Stone Cold with Hair hadn’t really caught on with fans until he shaved it for his new persona and Austin 3:16 was born.

The change in his hair mirrored his rebellious and ruthless nature, emphasizing his willingness to break away from conventional norms and expectations.

Wet Quiff

Apart from the aesthetic appeal, there are various practical reasons behind the choice to wet hair, mainly to enhance performance.

Wet Hair

As wrestlers put their bodies through grueling matches, the moisture in their hair helps keep them cool, preventing overheating during intense encounters.

Moreover, the wet look adds a touch of drama, intensifying the aura of a fierce competitor ready to strike at any moment.

I mean yes Roman reigns Hair and Shawn Michaels Hair looked cool with this stadium lights shining bright reflecting each strand but it’s mostly done to cool wrestlers down!


The quiff is a classic hairstyle which most will remember about his image as he 1st debuted in the business.

The quiff perfectly complemented his suave personality, adding an air of sophistication to his overall appearance.

It’s the hairstyle that exemplifies the perfect balance between style and substance, much like the balance he maintains between his high-flying maneuvers and ground-based techniques in the ring.

Stubble Beard

The stubble beard adds a rugged and slightly rebellious touch to his look, signifying a no-nonsense attitude towards his opponents.

This facial hair style complements his versatile hairstyles and adds a layer of intensity to his persona, making him look even more menacing and unpredictable.

Long Hair (Edited/Not Real)

Fans editing photos to give their favorite personalities long hair is a fascinating trend that showcases the creative expression and admiration fans have for their idols.

Long Hair

This recently happened to Pitbull giving him longer hair, though we know he’s bald.

Randy would share the image on his social media which had fans posing the question

Did Randy Orton ever have long hair?

We can confirm that During his time with WWE, Randy hasn’t had long hair, as proven by our editorial he has always sported more shorter styles.

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