Raheem Sterling Hair Moments

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Buzz cuts, afro fades, braids, and dreadlocks would explain why Raheem Sterling hair continues to be a point of discussion within football and social media.

Outside of his athletic abilities on the pitch Raheem’s hairstyles and fashion choices continue to spark interest, intrigue, and inspiration!

Our editorial will highlight Raheem Sterling Hair both on and off the pitch.



The Good, Bad, and Ugly Raheem Sterling Hair Moments



Buzz Cut

A men’s hairstyle that has stood the test of time, the Buzz cut!

buzz cuts

Outside of this looking great on Raheem there are practical benefits such as 0 hair interference during game days, low maintenance and allows players to cool down faster during summer.

Our gallery features Raheem in previous hairstyles which are long and while they look great don’t offer the same practical benefits that the buzz cut does!

So, it’s a yes from us!


Taper Fade

Whilst its hard to pinpoint a signature hairstyle for the footballer the closest we will get to a trademark look is his afro taper fade.

Afro fade

Yes Raheem has been very experimental with his hair choices throughout his football career yet he always finds his way back to the classic taper fade.

His sides gradually tapered with precision whilst his line up always fresh!

If there’s one style he will never go wrong with its his taper fade.   



High Top Twists

His high top twists being one of his more distinctive looks both on and off the pitch has become one of his go to looks.

raheem sterling hair in twists

Their versatile, look great on short, medium, or long hair and can be worn in different ways. They are often the foundation for high top dreads or braided man buns which is proof of the other styles you can do along the way.



Braids & Cornrows

Our archives show Raheem alternating between box braids and cornrows which are both protective styles that not only look great on the pitch but promote hair growth due to minimal manipulation.

Raheem Sterling Hair in braids

The history of braids is extensive as well as being a tradition within Black culture which is why athletes, singers and rappers alike continue to sport the style within their respective fields.




The influence of Jamaican culture can be seen on Raheem during his dreadlock days. Born on Kingston Jamaica and growing up in a culture where both men and women sported the style shouldn’t be a shock to anybody.

dreadlocks in soccer

Thick, short, and healthy, we saw the athlete sport his hair this way for a period of time.


Relaxed Hair

An image we bet Raheem would prefer to forget about forever! His relaxed perm!

relaxed perm

In an awful attempt to try something new we saw the footballer have his hair relaxed along with shaved sides!

We forgive you Raheem, but please never again. Were not going to give this style anymore light so were ending it here! Phew!




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