Rappers in Suits (Gallery)

Written By Bakes

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Our editorial features an extensive image gallery of rappers in suits with some being culture defining moments.

At this point its well know that Hip Hop artists are closely associated with streetwear, luxury, and lifestyle fashion.  

This is the uniform within the culture which is why its always a moment witnessing artists in more formal wear and to think rappers could only do streetwear, wrong!



Here are some of the Best Rappers in Suits Moments

Some of the best examples of rappers in suits can be seen at the annual roc nation brunch which is an event hosted by Jay z ahead of the Grammy awards.

rappers in formal wear

rappers in suits and tuxedos

asap rocky in suit

travis in suit

The dress code quickly becomes apparent, sharp shoes, blazers, trousers, tuxedos, shirts, watches and just the sense of overall class! Who said rappers couldn’t do it formal too!



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