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The endorsement deals with hair product companies showcased the marketability of his signature look, highlighting the importance of personal branding which makes Pauly D Hair more than just a hairstyle.

Our editorial will answer various questions around his hair such as whether its real or not, the name of his hairstyle and how to get the look.

What is Pauly D’s Hairstyle Called?

Pauly D’s hairstyle is known as the Gelled Spiky Blowout.

Gelled Spiky Blowout

Throughout his time on Jersey Shore, this hairstyle became his visual trademark, setting him apart from the rest of the cast.

What’s even more interesting is that back in 2019 got2b brand announced a two-year brand partnership with the reality TV star all thanks to his signature look.

This reminds us of Troy Polamalu Hair getting him a deal with head and shoulders.

Is Pauly D Hair Real?

Is Pauly D’s hair real? The short answer is yes! Contrary to the speculations Pauly D’s hair is natural. He does not use hair pieces or wigs! That’s all from his scalp!

is pauly d hair real

The question as to whether Pauly D’s hair is real came from images of the DJ seen with his hair down which completely changed his look, something the masses weren’t used too. Yeah, even he needed a break from hair product!

Pauly D Hair Down

While the Gelled Spiky Blowout is Pauly D’s go-to look, there have been moments when he’s let his hair down

Pauly D Hair Down

Hair styling products, including gels, can leave behind residue on your hair and scalp over time. This buildup can make your hair feel heavy, greasy, and dull.

Therefore its not unusual to see him let his hair down, it changes his appearance but something that’s important to do every now and then.

Paul D Hair Gallery

Blonde Hair gelled and spiked up
Pauly D Hair with Blonde Tips
Hair Gallery

How to Get Pauly D Hair:

If you’re inspired by Pauly D’s bold hairdo and want to give it a shot, here’s a general breakdown of how to achieve the Gelled Spiky Blowout:

  • Start with Clean Hair: Begin with clean, dry hair as a canvas for your masterpiece.

  • Apply Gel: Apply a generous amount of strong-hold hair gel evenly throughout your hair. Make sure this is a good quality gel, don’t be cheap with your hair

  • Style with Finesse: Shape your hair into the desired spikes. The key is to create texture and height while maintaining the overall spiky look.

  • Blow-Dry Technique: As you style, use a blow-dryer on a low heat setting to set the gel and solidify the spikes.

  • Finishing Touch: Once your spikes are in place, you can opt to use a finishing spray to lock in the style and ensure it stays put throughout the day or night.

Remember, while the steps provide a general guideline, personal variations can add your unique touch to the iconic style.

If necessary visit your professional hair stylist for help!

Final Words

From the Jersey Shore beaches to endorsement deals and beyond, the Gelled Spiky Blowout continues to captivate attention, spark conversations, and inspire those who dare to embrace their own signature look.

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