The Best Troy Polamalu Hair Moments (Complete Gallery)

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Have you ever known a brand go to the extent of protecting one of their brand ambassadors by insuring their hair for an astounding amount? 7 Figures to be exact, well that should be an indicator to you all, Troy Polamalu Hair is worth a lot!

Our editorial will cover all aspects of his hair such as,

  • Hair Type
  • Does Troy Polamalu have his hair insured?
  • Why does Troy Polamalu have long hair?
  • Head and Shoulders Partnership

In addition to all your enquiries around the athletes hair being answered we have included a visual gallery with all his best hair moments.

Troy Polamalu Hair Type

Troy’s hair type falls under category 3 which is thick curly hair.

His S Shaped curls become much more defined with the use of a lightweight leave-in conditioner.

Troy Polamalu Hair type

His Samoan heritage lives through his hair which is evident by this texture, density and length.

 In a 2010 interview Polamalu acknowledged that that cultural legacy was part of the reason he chose to grow his hair out.

Does Troy Polamalu have his hair insured?

Yes Troy has his hair Insured. Head and shoulders took out an insurance policy of $1 million with Lloyds of London.

Troy Polamalu Hair insurance

You may be asking why? That’s a legitimate question! Back In 2006 Larry Johnson of the Kansas City Chiefs tackled him by pulling his hair during a yard interception return.

So the brand figured they needed to protect their investment. Now some may say that’s unnecessary, well consider it this way, if your ambassador had his hair ripped out of his scalp how you going to shoot your commercials.

Ok were exaggerating but you get the point! Protect the cash cow at all costs!

Following the absurd policy we saw this hair policy making the Guinness World Records, for the highest insured hair, ever. What a cool thing to tell your grandchildren ay!

Why does Troy Polamalu have long hair?

Troy’s long hair length comes down to his genes as well as a cultural practice of not cutting hair.

long hair

People of Polynesian descent believe that hair contains Mana, which links to our bodies, so it is culturally very rare to see men of the culture cut their hair.

You combine that with good eating habits and growing your hair for years and you’ve got your answer.

Back in 2013 during a press conference Troy would show support for US troops by allowing veterans to cut small samples of his hair. Video Here

This may be the closest we ever see to an official haircut, don’t forget that’s a million dollar head right there!

Head and Shoulders Partnership

Head and shoulders have partnered with athletes in order to promote their products where it’s made sense too. They haven’t only highlighted Troy’s hair but also Patrick Mahomes hair.

To date the pair have starred in various commercials together.

Head and Shoulders Partnership

In 2009 the shampoo company Head & Shoulders sought him out for a partnership which included commercials, social media posting and press releases!

I guess that’s the perks of having good hair right!

Gallery of Troy Polamalu Hair

Key Take Away: Have a Signature Look

While you may not have the Samoan gene which gives him the black thick curls the principle still remains, take good care of your hair if you want to grow them as long as possible.

Troy Polamalu’s 4 Steps To Growing Out Your Hair have been documented by men’s health, however we’ll concise it down for you

  • Wash Hair Thoroughly
    Whilst the frequency of wash day will vary amongst people we know all wash days are important. Get the oil, dirt, and product residue, out with high quality shampoo!

  • Condition
    Treat your scalp and hair as you would your facial skin, but having it hydrated. Conditioned hair reduces spit ends and adds moistures which ultimately promotes growth.

  • Be Patient
    You probably rolled your eyes at this part, which all it means is you know its true. It took Troy years to achieve his trademark look which he is known for plus his genes make a big factor in hair growth.

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