Paul Heyman Hair (Detailed Look & Gallery)

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Our editorial will look at the evolution of Paul Heymans hair which includes the following moments.

  • Hair in the 80s
  • Early 90s Mullet
  • Hair in the Mid 90s
  • 2000’s thinning crown

Beyond his genius storylines, masterminding ECW and captivating promos, fans have praised, scrutinized and commented on all hair moments from the promoter in real time.

Paul Heyman Hair Gallery

Hair in the 80s

It’s the 80s, that means flamboyance is in excess, just look around at fellow wrestlers! Big wild manes in the ring, Shawn Michael Hair poster child for this era.

Paul Heyman Hair in the 80s

Paul Heyman, breaking into the business as a promoter, was no stranger to this trend. His hair was a testament to the times. But beyond the wrestlers, American promoters themselves began crafting distinct images.

Having a unique look wasn’t just beneficial; it was almost a necessity. Heyman needed every bit of flair to stand out, since the wrestling business was largely based on image and marketability.

Mullet In the 90s

A significant push came from Billy Ray Cyrus Hair, whose iconic mullet became the talk within pop culture and we saw cross culture trends.

Paul Heyman, always one to adapt and reinvent, embraced the mullet. This may seem odd today but again it was totally normal for promoters to stand out.

His version, while not as extravagant as some of the wrestlers he managed, became a part of his identity.

Stars like Ultimate Warrior and Ric Flair Hair in mullets became crucial parts of their image and that was simply because of the times.

Hair in the Mid 90s

The iconic photo of Paul Heyman alongside Stone Cold with Hair.

hair comparison

For those of you unaware Paul managed Steve at points during the 90s and we see the pair 20 years younger with a full set of hair. Paul Heyman said in an interview,

Paul Heyman Hair in the 90s

“First of all, Stone Cold Steve Austin was managed by me in WCW before he came to WWE. In between WCW and WWE, Steve Austin stopped off in ECW, which I owned at the time”

2000 – Present Thinning Crown

Gone are the days of Pauls long ponytail, today most will remember Paul for his bald crown ponytail look.

Paul Heyman bald

As his crown area began to get thinner we would see the promoter often wearing hats with his suits, I mean not the most congruent look right!

bald middle multiple pics

The once voluminous locks began to thin, a natural progression for many men. But Heyman, with his signature confidence it didn’t seem to bother him much.

Instead of opting for a complete shave, he chose to wear his hair in a ponytail, drawing attention away from the thinning crown. It was a look that symbolized his journey: evolving, adapting, but always remaining unmistakably Paul Heyman.

Final Words

From the curly 80s style to the 90s mullet, and from the iconic image with a hairy Stone Cold to the ponytail of the 2000s, his hair has been a silent witness to the golden years of wrestling.

It serves as a reminder that while trends come and go, legends like Heyman continuously adapt, ensuring their legacy remains undiminished.