Kid Cudi Hair (Detailed Look & Gallery)

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From vibrant colors to distinctive cuts, all Kid Cudi hair choices mirror his evolution as an artist and trendsetter, these include his,

  • Green Hair
  • Red Hair
  • Blonde Hair
  • Pink Buzz Cut
  • Blonde Mohawk
  • Buzz Cut with Temple Fade
  • Afro Hair

Kid Cudi Hair Gallery

Disclaimer: Applying any sort of chemical to your hair is a very risky job as this can lead to breakage or thinning if not done correctly, therefore we always recommend you use a professional.

Green Hair

It’s the 2021 Met Gala, an event ensure to capture bold fashion statements, which is seen on Kid Cudi’s fluorescent green hair.

Kid Cudi Hair in green

Photo by Theo Wargo

The vibrant choice was not just a fashion statement, but a strategic move to capture attention amidst national media coverage.

I mean we don’t have a large list of rappers with green hair but we now can add Cudi to the list.

Some colours are only mean for the boldest of characters, he’s clearly one of them

Red Hair

In the same year, Cudi turned heads at Paris Fashion Week with fiery red hair, complemented by matching eye makeup.

Kid Cudi Hair in red

The impact of Rihanna’s red hair on popular culture was immense and clearly men gravitated towards it too.

Red subconsciously exudes power, authority, and dominance which why believe was his message at the fashion shows.

Blonde Hair

If were talking Rappers with Blonde Hair then Cudi has to be on the list simply due to the different variations we have seen

Blonde Buzz Cut, Blonde Afro Hair & Blonde Mohawk to name a few of the styles he’s done.

The blonde dye is used as both a statement colour but in order to further draw attention to himself, now that’s what we call marketing!

Pink Buzz Cut

Traditional norms sees that the colour pink is widely associated with femininity, that has certainly changed with men breaking gender norms and celebrating individuality.

pink buzz cut

Photo Curiosity – Emma McIntyre

Kid Cudi’s choice of a Pink Buzz Cut is both a nod to this trend and a personal statement.

In addition to this during the premiere of his documentary ‘A Man Named Scott’ in L.A to ensure further media attention, Cudi would debut the look.

This colour reminds of Frank Ocean Hair in Pink! Its said that this colour is known to have calming effects!

Blonde Mohawk

The mohawk, a hairstyle that already screams rebellion and distinctiveness, gets an added layer of intrigue when dyed blonde.

Blonde Mohawk

The Kid Cudi blonde mohawk is a celebration of this audacious style. It’s a hairstyle that demands attention and resonates with Cudi’s persona – someone who’s never been afraid to push boundaries, be it in music or fashion.

Buzz Cut with Temple Fade

No matter how outlandish and colourful Cudi gets it always goes back to basics with the buzz cut & temple fade.

Buzz Cut with Temple Fade

Whilst less flamboyant than his coloured choices, offers a clean and refined look. I mean trends come and go but classics will always live longer.

It’s a testament to Cudi’s versatility, showing that he can oscillate between loud and subtle while retaining his inherent coolness.

Afro Hair

The afro, rich in cultural significance and history, has been another hairstyle that Kid Cudi has embraced.

Kid Cudi Hair in an Afro

It’s a nod to the musical legends of the past, many of whom sported afros as symbols of pride and identity.

For Cudi, the afro is both a connection to his roots and a canvas for experimentation, as seen with his blonde afro variant.