Jermaine Jackson Hair (Detailed Look + Gallery)

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There have been many phases in the Jermaine Jackson Hair journey which include his afro, Jheri curl, perm and his most recent short curls and pitch-black sides.

We have witnessed all the hairstyles in real time with the most recent look coming under huge scrutiny, criticism and with the expected trolling.

Our editorial highlights his most recent changes and taking a detailed look at the hairstyle as well as his previous looks throughout the years.

Here are the details around Jermaine Jackson Hair Style

Before and After

90s: Short Jheri Curls across his entire head with slicked sides

2015: Receding hairline and tattooed lines drawn on his temple and sides

Jermaine Jackson Hair before and after

The visual representation of each era is why this hairstyle is in question today.

Male pattern baldness affects men differently, some experience hair loss at different ages and areas and as a result will look for alternative ways to prolong this.

Side View

If we take a closer look we can identify some hair on the sides being gelled down whilst the area where there is no hair being filled with permanent ink.

Jermaine Jackson Hair from the side view

In addition to having areas of his temple and sides marked with a tattoo we also see Jermaine Jackson using scalp spray to help fill the thinning areas.

The train of thought is the more areas that are covered the better it blends in with your natural hair, the only problem however is he’s over done it and most would agree.

Back View

From the back perspective we can see where his gelled ends form into a minor pony, if we can call it that.

tattooed hair with gel

Its also easy to see the missing patches of hair from the back, looking at the top were able to see his short Jheri curls and the gap before the bottom of his hair.

In theory this could be a mullet as it matches all the requirements being, short at front, long at back with shaved sides.

Hair Line

To further cover up more of his male pattern baldness we saw Jermaine Jackson having larger areas of his temple covered which crossed over to his forehead.

tattooed temple and forehead

The definition, colour and coverage of his hairline is what created the speculation around his hairline and whether it was real or fake.

Images from the 80s and 90s show Jermaine having a low to middle hairline, and he got older this would reverse and not by receding as most men but getting closer to his eyebrows and we know that’s not possible, so tattoo it is!


A large part of the Jackson 5 identity was their afro hair, everybody from Michael Jackson, Tito, Randy, Jackie, and Jermaine sported the afro.

Jermaine Jackson Hair in an afro

During this period the afro was a signifier of black African heritage and pride whilst rejecting Eurocentric oppression and beauty standards.

Putting his afro aside, lets focus on his hairline, we can see it’s a low to medium at this age, so how did it get so close to eyebrows the older he got?

This is how we know the tattoo was a permanent solution to the thinning he experienced as he aged.


It’s the 80s and his brother has just released the biggest album of all time, what hairstyle is mike wearing on the thriller cover? the Jheri Curl of course!

80s jheri curl

The hairstyle would mark an era as the most prominent black artists began to incorporate this look from Lionel Richie, Luther Vandross to Jermaine himself.

Throughout the decade we saw Jermaine have his Jheri curl at different lengths, short, medium and shoulder length!

Outside of R&B/Soul the rise of Hip Hop we also see prominent artists incorporating the Jheri curl into their look, ice cube and Eazy E Hair being the epitome of this!


The 90s would be the time in which we saw the foundation for his current hairstyle take shape.

90s curls

If we look at the images of Jermaine Jackson hair today and compare it too his hair in the 90s there’s a similarity, with the difference being his sides is real hair.

We also see the top of his hair alternating between perms and jheri curl, the one consistent feature of his hair during this period is that he keeps it short at top.

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