Orlando Bloom Long Hair (Detailed Look + Gallery)

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The interest around Orlando Bloom Long Hair traces as far back as his debut portrayal of Legolas in 2001 within Lord of the rings as well as other roles.

Since then we have seen many variations of his REAL long hair on screen which include his

  • Shoulder Length
  • Ponytail
  • Above Shoulders
  • Medium Length

We have no shortage of Orlando Bloom Hairstyles; however, our focus today is specifically on his longer variations!

What type of hair does Orlando Bloom have?

Orlando Bloom has loose wavy hair, which ranges between 2A – 2B.

His loose S-shape pattern becomes apparent at medium and long lengths. This hair type will require more products such as gel stylers for a more defined look.

Orlando Bloom Long Hair (4 Different Looks)

Shoulder Length

Orlando’s texture and hair type is on full display when his hair reaches shoulder length, textured, loose and wavy.

Orlando Bloom Long Hair at shoulder length

Its hard for us not to envision his younger self during his breakout role as Legolas when he grows out his hair, to be fair this may be one of the main reasons he does.

Orlando Bloom Long Hair to shoulders

The main difference being hair extensions were used on set of the movie which his long natural hair is all his! We can appreciate them all.

Proper maintenance is critical to keeping his long hair in top condition as this needs to be evident whilst filming.


With length comes styling options and with styling options comes the ponytail. Neat, slicked back and gives a unique look, what’s there not to love.

Orlando Bloom pony tail

The bun, after all has always been associated as a woman’s hairstyle however the likes of Orlando and a few others in Hollywood styled it their way and make it masculine.

man bun

Outside of it being aesthetically pleasing the ponytail is also a practical solution for the actor, in rehearsals he’s able to pull hair away from face to work.

Above Shoulders

To ensure Orlando’s hair is cut to accurate precision hairstylists on set ensure his is cut accordingly to fit his movie role.

above shoulder lenght

As a rule of thumb medium length hair is guided at 5 to 10cm, therefore this hairstyle is the sweet spot just before it hits shoulder length but outside the medium phase.

What’s most important about this stage is the simple fact that his hairstylist will layer hair at various lengths to create a contrast and giving it volume.

Medium Length

Outside of his longer hairstyles we constantly see Orlando in his medium length hairstyle which is his trademark look.

Medium Length

Orlando Bloom long hair is an indicator that he may be filming, or he simply just enjoys the hairstyle, whereas the medium length is what he’s mostly known for.

Together with Andrew Garfield’s Hair we get to see the wavy textured medium length in both black and brunette.

Orlando Bloom Long Hair and Andrew Garfield hair

Extended Gallery

Key Take Away: Style in multiple Variations.

Once the desired length has been achieved then you will have the options to get more creative with your hair, these options look like

  • Placing your hair in a Ponytail!
  • Fading the hairs to add contrast.
  • Layering hair to give volume.

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