Nick Jonas Buzz Cut (Detailed Look + Gallery)

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The TV portrayal of an MMA street fighter resulted in a new Nick Jonas Buzz Cut look to be congruent with his character.

In addition to his TV persona we have various variations of the buzz cut he has alternated between such as his,

  • Buzzed All Round Haircut
  • Buzzed Fade Haircut
  • Completely Fully Shaved Off

Whilst there’s no shortage of Nick Jonas hairstyles from his quiff, pompadours to curly shags today our focus is on his relatively low buzz cut!

Buzzed All Round

To brand himself as a solo act and differentiate himself from his brothers he decided to shave his hair.

Nick Jonas Buzz Cut all round

The Jonas brothers were known for their uniform look and hairstyles, quiffs, messy hair and pompadours which would inspire him to go in another direction.

By shaving his head it marked a new era whilst also allowing us to focus on his facial features, jaw line, eyes, nose and overall profile.

“The shaved head really, in my mind, would always kind of represent solo Nick” says Marissa Machado, Nick’s Personal Groomer

Buzzed Fade

The buzz cut is always uniform, therefore, to add different elements to it we see him have temple faded sides.

Nick Jonas Buzz Cut with fade

Even as low as his buzz cut is the temple fade which is shorter which creates a more contrast look, were able to really appreciate it as a whole.

Not only does it create a contrast in comparison to his hair on top but it also has the same effect towards his stubble.

We also notice his windows peak hairline more with the buzz cut, it’s a lot easier to disguise when you have long hairstyles, but the buzz cut, its all-exposed baby!

Fully Shaved Off

Nate Kulina the MMA fighter portrayed by Nick in the TV series Kingdom had his entire head shaved off to further sell the character.

fully shaven off

His Jonas brother image was safe, boy like and easily marketable. In a few seconds, an entire head clipped off and we have a completed different person.

In places where strict grooming conventions are concerned, we tend to see more buzz cuts and in the world of training camps and disciplines its straight to business.

This is what his character and environment was meant to portray, the straight to business, discipline and sacrifice feel! The hair did just that!

Even after filming we saw him make appearances in public in his shorter hairstyle along with co star Frank Grillo who mostly wore his signature quiff.

Key Take Away: Buzz Cuts don’t need to be Boring.

Yes the uniform all round look won’t provide as much option to style as someone with longer hair but you can still get creative.

  • Fade the sides.
  • Have a line drawn in
  • Pick a beard to compliment the look!
  • Colour your buzz cut to really push your boundaries.

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