The Best Anderson Paak Wig Moments

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Alter egos within Hip Hop culture are used as a creative expression for artists which has come in many forms from Em’s Slim Shady image, Nicki Minaj’s pink barbie to Anderson Paak Wig persona.

Any industry event or musical performance by Anderson and you can count on one of the following wigs to appear,

  • Bowl Cut Wig
  • Blonde Wig
  • Diva Wig

Our editorial highlights his best wig moments as well as detailing the inspiration behind it.

Why does Anderson Paak wear a Wig?

Anderson Paak’s wigs are used to grab attention from the audience, create cultural conversation and act as a method of expression.

In a 2022 interview with GQ, he goes onto say,

“I like to use wigs conversation starters, I’m trying out loads of different wigs. Big curly wigs, I’ve had a bob, I’ve got a blonde one – it’s just cool to see how wigs can be accessories and work with your outfit.

Bowl Cut Wig

Anderson’s bowl cut wig may be his most recognizable one since it’s the styles hes mostly made public appearances in!

Anderson Paak Wig bowl cut

The mushroom shaped wig takes inspiration from the bowl haircut which features a blunt fringe and blunt perimeter.

Anderson’s wig has more detail has we see it layered, shorter in the front which gradually gets longer towards the ends and curls.

The bowl cut wig is no stranger in Hip Hop, we’ve seen Andre 3000 Hair be placed in a white bowl cut wig too!

Blonde Wig

If his bowl cut wig is his signature look then his blonde wig is the most distinctive of them all which we see him wear to make a statement.

Anderson Paak Wig in blonde

To make these fashion statements Anderson will pair his blonde wig against bright clothing which naturally creates a contrast resulting in more attention.

Today we have various rappers with blonde hair, however we have seen many with blonde wigs aside from the women, we don’t imagine it’s a trend to catch on, then again you never know!

Diva Wig

How does one channel their inner icon? By styling themselves in ways which mimic them which is what we see here as Rick James!

Anderson Paak Wig on stage

The big diva wigs are clearly a homage to late musicians whilst also allowing him to express himself creatively.

This taste in wigs is something his friends would agree with as we see Bruno Mars supporting the looks whilst also having on stage jokes about the look.

Above all else Anderson has a unique taste and preference and the 70s and 80s aesthetic with his hair and fashion choices.

That period was heavily filled with metrosexual style which resulted in men growing their hair longer and advertisers beginning to market hair products to men.

Anderson Paak Hair

Outside of the Anderson Paak wig alter ego taking over our screens we get to see the artist in his natural state, calm, charismatic and in his relatively low buzz cut.

Anderson Paak Hair

He will often alternate between a few simple haircuts such as his skin fade with some hair on top or all-round buzz cut.

Low maintenance, easy to maintain and cost effective seems to be the reason most men go back to basics.

We can also see Anderson has a receding hairline which naturally happens to those with a windows peak hairline. This is simply based on genetics.

Extended Gallery

Our gallery includes some of the best moments which capture Anderson in his wig on and off stage.

anderson wig
wigs in hip hop

Why do Men wear Wigs?

Men who decide to wear wigs will do so as a means to cover any hair loss or thinning. This is not as common in comparison to women but some men choose to do so.

Celebrities such as Anderson is a different case, there wearing the wigs for global effect, they know once worn the world talks!

Main Takeaway: Be Daring

By daring we don’t mean going out and buying a blonde wig (unless its Halloween), but there’s a lesson in here somewhere.

It’s the ability to not care about judgment from peers or society, that hairstyle you have wanted to try but scared to, here’s your sign, do it!

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