Frank Grillo Hair (Detailed Gallery)

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One of Hollywood’s hardest working men continues to make headlines for his blockbuster hit movies, shredded physique at 57 years old and style, however a separate Frank Grillo Hair Editorial is necessary as this is where most of the interest lies.

Throughout the majority of his time both on and off screen Frank has kept his hairstyle consistent which is the modern quiff.

Our editorial includes a gallery of his signature hairstyle, hair type and tips on how to achieve this look.

Frank Grillo Hair Gallery

Messy Quiff (Signature Look)

The messy quiff continues to serve Frank as a trademark look which he has sported both on and off camera.

Frank Grillo Hair in a quiff

We are able to quickly identify this by the hair being long on top, especially in the front, and trimmed hair at the back and sides, hence the term short back and sides.

The are many different variations of the quiff in which Frank has styled in the past namely the modern and classic quiff that he alternates between.

Classic QuiffThis style features a more gradual transition from the sides to the top. It is also a more of a subtle and calm in comparison to the modern quiff which tends to be more attention grabbing.

Modern Quiff – Contemporary versions of the quiff uses much more hair at the top thus making the distinction between the hair on top vs sides much more apparent.

In addition to this the modern quiff is often styled with matt or gloss products depending on your preference.

We could list several celebrities with the modern day quiff however no one best represents this in our eyes better than Bruno Mars.

Combed Back Quiff

The combed back quiff is a style we have often seen worn by Frank during his red carpet events and other prestigious awards.

Frank Grillo Hair combed back

Intended to capture attention, compliment outfit and communicate masculinity which it certainly does.

You’ll need to apply a generous amount of pomade and then use a comb to position your hair, creating the parting and the quiff itself.

This is then finished off with a hairdryer so volume is not lose. Which should also state that the option for a side parting is available should you want to try it.

Complimentary Stubble Beard

We couldn’t complete the list without the secret ingredient that places him on the list of sexiest men over 50 and that is, DRUM ROLLS PLEASE, His stubble!

Stubble Beard

Its quite obvious to see that he continuously has his beards trimmed to create the natural 3 day stubble look, however what’s even more important is the beard care routine that he practices to ensure it looks healthy.

By using a moisturiser after shaving to hydrate the skin and a beard oil to keep your 3 day stubble soft is something we continue to advise men do, especially if you want similar results as Frank.

Need a stubble guide, look no further

How to get the Modern Classic Quiff

Whilst you may be able to read our instructions to get an idea of what’s involved or watch videos we strongly advise getting a professional barber to work on you.

  1. Make sure Hair is Damp
  2. Choose direction or Quiff
    (Messy, Slicked Back, Right or left with Parting)
  3. Apply a small amount of product (Matte or Gloss)
  4. Gently sculpt the quiff with their fingers
  5. Use a blow dryer to blow the quiff up to add volume!
  6. Finish your style with hairspray and pomade!