How to Pack a Dress Shirt

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Is it possible to fold and pack a dress shirt with no wrinkles? We’d say yes! No matter if you want to keep your shirts crisp in your closet or plan to take them in luggage, knowing how to pack a dress shirt correctly is important.

The video above illustrates how to do show. We have also provided clear instructions below with our step-by-step approach to packing a dress shirt like a pro! Here’s how you do it.


10 Simple Steps to Pack a Dress Shirt

If you don’t know how to pack a dress shirt, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Begin with ironing your dress shirt and leave them overnight; otherwise, they will crease quickly if you iron them at the last minute.
  • After you are done with ironing, then the next morning start with buttoning the shirt up to the top button.
  • Lay it face down on the table or any other hard surface.
  • Spread out the dress shirt nicely with the sleeves to the side.
  • Make a horizontal fold while folding the sleeves inwards, which should be halfway up the sleeves. Make sure to repeat the same on the other side.
  • Obviously, you would want your dress shirt to be wrinkle-free till the time you unpack it for the final event. So, you can choose to put a dryer sheet here. The dryer sheet provides for the “interstitial suspension” so the fabric will stay in place and won’t bunch up or crease. Also, your bag will smell great.
  • Now just fold in each side 3 inches towards the middle of the dress shirt. As soon as you do it the right way, you will observe a “V” pattern at the back of your shirt on the top.
  • From the bottom, fold it halfway once again.
  • Again make a tighter fold from the bottom if you want to save some space in your bag.
  • And, you are done! Just celebrate looking stylish and sophisticated, wherever you go!


How to pack the dress shirt so that it doesn’t wrinkle?

The very first rule to pack your clothes the way it stays wrinkle-free is to pack enough and not too much. If you will carry every other item on the vacation, then it will cause friction that will essentially make your clothes crease. Secondly, pick the right size of the travel bag; so that it accommodates everything, and as discussed in the above section, never pack your dress shirt immediately after ironing.


How long does it take to fold a dress shirt?

Not more than one minute.

So, now you know how to pack a dress shirt. We hope you use these steps and share with your loved ones as well.


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