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The low fade vs high fade discussion has been an ever going debate within with barbershop. Both fades are great & trendy hairstyles that boost image and confidence. But before you settle on one, find out the better choice for you. Although both are popular and similar in cut, they give different looks. Each hairstyle starts to taper at different points of the head. The hair on the sides and back of the head also varies in shortness with each haircut.

A hairstyle can be the perfect accessory when done right. It works to your advantage, reflecting your personality, enhancing your style, looks, and your whole presentation.

This article highlights the differences between low fade and high fade, and will help you decide which one works better for you.


What is a fade haircut?

A fade haircut is a gradual transition from longer to shorter hair on the head. The long hair sits on top of the head and gradually decreases in length along the sides and back of the head. Varying hair lengths (long and short) are blended to give your hair a layered and seamless look.

Fade haircuts make men, teenagers, and boys stylish, sophisticated, and attractive. On top of that, fade hairstyles work well on all types of hair; curly, thin, and thick. The biggest issue lies in choosing the proper fade; low fade vs high fade.

It is easy to mix up the two, but you will be able to tell the difference by the time you’re done reading this article.


What is a low fade

low fade

A low fade is a gradual or gentle shift from one length to another. The hair starts tall or high on the temples and gently tapers down to a much shorter length around the hairline. (The hair tapers down on the lower part of the head.)The taper is usually an inch or two from the hairline or above the ears. The low fade is sometimes called the drop fade. This is because the line drops down behind the ear.

The low fade leaves more hair on the head. The low fade cut leaves thinner hair on the sides, adding edge and style to hair. The low fade looks good with short and medium hair lengths. You can add a beard to balance out the look for those who favor longer hair on top.


What is a High Fade?

high fade

Here, the hair tapers at or just above the temple. The high fade is a dramatic hairstyle or cut that leaves most of the sides and the back of your head bald. Only your top (area above the forehead) has hair. It follows a straight line from the hair line around the back of the head. The high fade starts high and reduces in size to give shape to the cut.

High fades look better when the hair on top of the head is styled well. An attractive hairdo completes the bald part of your head.



Low fade vs high fade. Reading about the low fade and high fade men’s hairstyles gives you an idea about what haircut suits you best. One thing to note is that choice comes down to preference. Whether low fade or high fade, the haircut should suit your sense of style and personality.

The low fade is suitable for men who want more hair on their heads. The low fade is the in-between, a blend of modernity and tradition. It is simple yet classy, neat and clean, smart yet stylish, trendy yet understated. It looks great on most men. Because it leaves more on the head, the low fade haircut is excellent for heart-shaped or round faces. The height at the top of the head and the tapered edges give these faces a more extended and slimmer look. Not to forget, the low fade gives you room to try out other hairstyles.

The high fade is a fresh look. If you love the bold look, drama, and flair, then the high fade is excellent for you. The high fade also goes well on men with long, oval, or rectangular faces. It emphasizes face structure. Another great thing about high fade is that it looks good on any hair type. Because the high fade sits at the top of the head, it makes the hair look thicker and fuller, whether it’s thick, thin, curly, or straight hair.


Pick an option, show your barber.

Pick a fade that puts your unique look together.

As you have seen, fades are for everyone. Pick a fade style that looks good on you, whose taper and lines lie beautifully on the sides and back of your head. Then let the barber give you a cut guaranteed to boost your look.  


Most importantly when you show your barber and he does a great job you should tip, follow our editorial on how much to tip your barber. No better way of showing gratitude to your barber than a tip for your low fade or high fade.



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