How much to Tip your Barber?

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Tipping your barber should not be an awkward or difficult task, as a matter of fact it should be quite the opposite. Tipping represents the appreciation towards your barber’s services and a gesture that never goes unnoticed. There are unwritten rules when it comes to tipping and if you find yourself googling “how much to tip your barber” our editorial will detail this for you.


The answer

As a rule of thumb when it comes to tipping majority of people tend to pay the usual fee with a 10-20% tip. This is backed by research undertaken by Aveda (A Professional Hair Care Company)

Having asked a range of customers via a poll survey it was found that customers usually tip a minimum of 10% and a maximum of 25%.

This is a great starting point when thinking of how much to Tip your Barber.

The relationship between yourself and the barber also plays a huge role in how much you tip. For example, if you have a barber you tend to visit on a regular basis you may tip him or her more as you have built trust and they understand how to cut you.

A new barber on the other hand may make you feel anxious which is normal thus only receiving a smaller tip. Regardless, a tip is a tip which would be appreciated in both scenarios.


Why Tipping Matters

How much to Tip your Barber.

Tipping matters for many reasons, but the ones that stand out the most are

  • Great relationships are built this way
  • The additional tips help small business owners reinvest further into the business or for personal use

As humans were motivated by incentive and this is no different when it comes to tipping. When your barber sees you walk in your likely to be greeted with a friendly smile and welcome due to your previous generous tips.

This builds a great relationship between you both and allows the barber to do his or her best job for you.

Think of it this way, if you run a small café which served hundreds of people during the week who paid the listed priced but had 2 or 3 individuals that tipped very well, automatically these individuals would stand out from the rest and your subconscious mind would go above to ensure the best service for them! This is no different to the haircare industry.  



When to Tip More than 10% – 20%

There are many circumstances in which the barber deserves more than the 10-20% tip their accustom too. These situations can range from personal home invites to urgent requests. We have listed them below


Personal Invites

If you have a great relationship with your barber & they have agreed to a mobile service to cut you from your home then this will require a bigger tip. Think about the time they took to travel to you and bring equipment to get it done. The best form of gratitude would be to tip big!


Special Occasions

Great barbers will ensure they take time and special care should they know the client is attending a wedding, funeral, anniversary party or any of important occasion.



The sense of urgency will mean 1 or 2 things, barber pricing his services higher or you tipping more. This can be for an interview the next day, conference meeting, barber cutting past his or her work hours, lockdown home visits or any other occasion which means for an immediate appointment.

While your barber is not expecting you to tip as if you are a celebrity client undergoing their services, they would appreciate their time being respected and bigger tips is the best way to show this.


When not to Tip

While its easier said than done I know it can be very awkward to go from tipping on a regular basis to not. The only reason we advise not to tip is if you have experienced a terrible haircut, rudeness, or a feeling that the stylist did not care.

If you’re not happy with the service, you reserve the right to not tip. Should this ever be the case then make sure you feedback your disappointment to the barber so they can get it right next time.

I personally would make the conscious decision to still tip but it will be a smaller amount and then find another barber to avoid any awkwardness, therefore if your anything like me this maybe the best route to take.


Final Words

Tipping is gratitude and the more pleased you are with the service the more you tip! Simple! Your happy and your barber is too.

The Tipping amount has always been subjective and sometimes even taboo, however we like to keep things simple and believe you should do what you feel is best. More importantly you should always tip what you can afford.

Its one thing to suggest tipping big but you should be in a good financial space to make those financial gestures. 

By thinking about how much to tip your barber prior to the visit means your conscious of wanting to show you appreciate their services while avoiding any awkwardness. This is true tipping etiquette that will serve you well!

Like I mentioned previously, your barber is not expecting to receive a tip as though they were cutting a celebrity but will appreciate your gesture! 


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