Frank Ocean Hair (Detailed Look)

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Frank isn’t just one of the most critically acclaimed new artists to emerge over the last decade, he’s also one of the more interesting, both in his music and style, hence the term “frank ocean hair” being a social media topic of discussion.  

Today, we will look at one specific aspect of his style being his hair over the years and his signature look being the buzz cut and how often he dyes his hair. 

One thing that’s immediately evident to us is while Frank doesn’t alternate far from the buzz cut he is no stranger to colour.

Let’s take a detailed look at this.

Buzz Cuts (His Signature Look)

frank ocean hair

frank ocean hair

Frank Ocean is one of those celebrities synonymous with his unique look. His signature buzz cut has served as a talking point for years for hairstylists, bloggers, and fans. 

It all started in 2011 when Frank appeared at a Chanel fashion show wearing a buzz cut, and Vogue labelled him the coolest guy in music. Since then, Frank has worn several different variations of his signature style, dyeing his buzz cut some of the time, perhaps to add a taste of flair to his looks. 

He has dyed his hair every colour under the rainbow. In more recent times he made the headlines with his neon green buzz cut at the Met Gala.

Frank has even sported a shaved head on occasion, and while this may not be his everyday look we know he does this for shock value. There’s no telling what he will do next.

Frank Ocean Hair in Colour (Pink & Green)

pink hair

green hair

It’s interesting to note that Frank Ocean used to dye his hair very early into his career and as a result of this positive reaction has continued to do so which fans have grown to appreciate.

Frank Ocean has had some music videos where he is seen wearing a buzz cut with various shades of pink and green. If nothing else it is the perfect branding tool and one that allows fans to remember him.

After he dyed his hair all kinds of crazy colors like pink, red, purple and green, fans loved it. Fans of his music now associate the artist to having colourful hair at all times. It would probably feel weird for him not to do this.

On the other hand some people don’t like how colorful Frank’s hair looks and think it’s too distracting. Nevertheless, he has featured the dyed look on album covers and on the red carpet, safe to say he doesn’t care.

Frank is now known for being so experimental with everything from sounds to styles, so there’s no telling what we’ll see next from him.

Small Afro (Rare)


We have had to search the internet archives deeply for these images in which we see Frank sporting a relatively low afro.

As we mentioned the buzz cut is his trademark look and the style he will mostly make public appearances with. However on occasion you may see him with a short afro which he showcases online.

The small afro was a refreshing change to see since he usually wears a buzz cut or no hair. Hes known to only colour his hair as opposed to wearing it differently. This of course makes him stand out as were not used to it.

Fans online have mixed reactions which is to be expected.

Some either loved it or hated it. Some even said they wished Frank would go back to wearing his buzz cut because they liked it better than what he has going on now, but others praised Frank for trying something new with his hair. 

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