How to Store Belts (Top Solutions)

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While storing clothing is a very straight forward process, storing accessories such as belts or ties can be trickier at times presenting minor uncertainty. Were all aware of the purpose that a belt serves, however most are not aware of the right procedure to keeping the belt safe and secure while not in use. Our editorial will demonstrate the best ways on how to store belts to preserve its quality and lifeline.


Benefits of storing Belts

The belt is a unique accessory due to its ability to last years if proper care is applied. This tends to be the case if we develop and practice the right habits. 

Most belts marketed and sold by brands and retailers are leather which is a fabric that requires the right care and conditioning for it to last a long time. Other fabrics such as canvas also last a long time too.

It’s evident that the main benefit of proper storage and care is the ability to increase its lifeline by preserving the fabric quality. Below I have listed the practical methods on how you can go about this.



How to Store Belts Correctly


1. Rolling your Belt (Place in Storage Box)

how to store belts

One of the most practical methods when it comes to belt storage is the practice of rolling the belt and placing it into a compact storage box. This allows you to keep all belts within your rotation in one safe place.

It should be worth noting that certain leather belts are susceptible to cracking which will eventually begin to show damage due to the tightness of the roll. Belt cracking is the number 1 indicator of needing a replacement. We recommend you invest in real genuine leather belts to avoid this.

Remember to roll from buckle end to prevent the roll being too tight which is mainly the cause for damage.


2. Using a Drawer Divider

drawer divider

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Like using a storage box, the main difference is that the divider will allow you to store other accessories outside of belts such as ties, socks, and gloves.

Each accessory is kept in an individual compartment making it easy to sort inventory and keep them safe.

With practicality in mind, we recommend that you set your organizer up to hold your rolled belts on end instead of laying them flat and placing them in your drawer so you can pull them out when need be. (While the actual unit is called a drawer divider many people don’t place them in the drawer which is also fine, they can be place on cabinets, wardrobes or any other place you feel is best suited)


3. Hang on Belt Rack

belt rack

Belt Racks will be the answer for most people as it allows you to hang belts up similarly to how you would hang a tie. Visually your able to identify the item of choice you would like to select faster than the rolling method and their great for space.

Belt Racks comes in multiple different variations such as

  • Sliding Belt Rack
    The main feature is its sliding ability as it allows you to hang ties or belt buckles on to the hook and slide them away once not in use. The feature is creative, simple, and neat. The sliding belt rack is available in different finishes, materials, and sizes.
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  • Belt Organiser/Hanger
    Out of all the options listed here the most popular option will be the belt organiser rack. Easy to set up and install allowing you to place all belts on the hook.
    More importantly high-quality belt racks will allow you to purchase this product once without the need of doing so again.
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  • Belt Railing
    The concept of a belt railing was taken from the towel railing in which the individual simply places their belt onto the rail as they would do their towel or other pieces of clothing. Easily assembled, additional space in the wardrobe and a great organiser for your belt!
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Caring for Leather Belts

As I mentioned earlier certain leather is susceptible to cracking & we advise you roll from the buckle end to prevent the roll being too tight which is mainly the cause of damage.

In addition to this, it’s just as important you treat your belt as you would any other piece of clothing, with care.

We are going to take an educated guess and assume your belts are leather, in that case ensure a small care routine monthly which includes using a leather conditioner to add moisture and shine. Also ensure you wipe of dirt with a wipe and spray.



Creative Solutions to storing Belts

Problem solving usually allows us to think of creative ways to approaching an issue and thinking of the best ways how to store belts is no different.

While we have listed products enabling you the best ways to store belts your free to design a accessory utility to serve the same purpose.

If you enjoy DIY projects, then this could be a great creative outlet. There are only really 2 real options when it comes to storing belts which is either hanging or rolling. While there is a limit to the methods there’s no limit to how creative you could get by designing your own hanger or storage box.


Ties can be store in similar ways which is why we have created a separate editorial detailing how to store ties the right way.

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