CM Punk Hair (Gallery)

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Complete Athletes within the wrestling business have these elements, practical skill, technicality and storytelling and CM Punk’s hair most certainly tells a story throughout his career.

Some of his hairstyles will be visiting today include his

  • Buzz Cut (V Hairline)
  • Crew Cut
  • Slicked Back Hair
  • Curtains Hair
  • Long Hair

Our editorial takes a detail look at all hairstyles from the wrestler including his signature hairstyle and his current look.

CM Punk Hair Gallery

Buzz Cut

After the infamous “Hair vs. Hair” match where CM Punk lost and had to shave his head, fans were introduced to Punk’s buzz cut.

buzz cut

We’ve seen various wrestlers have their locs put on the line then cut, Ric Flair Hair comes to mind, yes even the nature boys trademark hair was cut!

The buzz cut gave Punk a more streamlined, intense look, congruent with his new wrestling image as a no-nonsense, straight-edge saviour.

In addition to this Punk was beginning to show signs of a V-shaped receding hairline. The buzz cut, being short and uniform, helped in disguising this natural progression.

Instead of it being a point of vulnerability, the buzz cut turned it into a style statement, proving that Punk could make anything work in his Favor.

Crew Cut

Phase 2 of the buzz cut is the crew cut which is a result of the buzz growing out slightly longer.

The modern crew cut today features faded sides which contrasts hair on top against his sides and facial hair.

Aesthetic aside Athletes value the cut’s practicality since the haircut ensures that hair wont obstruct their view or get in the way during intense physical activity.

Nothing worse that losing a match because you couldn’t see your opponent and boom! Stone cold stunner! That reminds us Stone Cold with Hair was a terrible look.

Slicked Back Hair

If you’ve watched wrestling over the years, you’ve likely noticed a trend: wrestlers with wet, slicked-back hair.

CM Punk Hair slicked back

Jeff Hardy Hair and Roman Reigns best examples of this.

Beyond the practicality of the the wet hair look it has become somewhat of a style statement in the wrestling business.

The wet hair gives him a fiercer appearance, accentuating his in-ring persona’s intensity. Just think about all the moments Triple H spat water as he entered the ring, the wet hair added to his overall look.

Plus, it harkens back to a long-standing wrestling tradition, connecting Punk to generations of wrestlers before him.

Curtains Hair

During some phases of his career, Punk sported the curtains hairstyle, where the hair is parted down the middle, with locks falling on either side of the face.

CM Punk Hair in the curtains style

If there’s one thing we know for sure it’s our love for nostalgic looks and that’s clear here with his 90s hairstyle men loved.

It was a departure from his more intense styles, showcasing a different side of his personality. Yes we love the wet hair during matches but this offers a calmer feel.

The curtains hairstyle added an element of nostalgia, reminding fans of a bygone era while proving that Punk could pull off just about any look.

Long Hair

The year is 2006, we get to see Punk step to the WWE ring for the 1st time, the 1st time the world sees him is with his long dark hair.

shoulder length hair

The long hair, often dyed in dark shades, became synonymous with this phase of his career.

For many fans, this long-haired version of Punk is a throwback to a time when he was just making a name for himself, and that’s because the 1st impression lasts a lifetime.

Maintaining the Buzz Cut

CM Punk Hair being shaven off was in order to fit into the Hair vs Hair storyline in WWE. Since then we have seen the buzz cut become one of his trademark looks

There’s not much to maintaining, however it won’t hurt to list the core principles.

  1. Regular Trimming: We recommend trimming every 1 to 3 weeks to maintain the short length by a professional and this is light work for most barbers!

  2. Wash and Dry: Use a mild shampoo to wash your hair every 2 to 3 days. Due to the short length, drying is a breeze—just pat your head gently with a towel.

  3. Scalp Protection: The buzz cut exposes your scalp more. Shield it from sun damage with a hat or sunscreen. For hydration, especially in colder climates, apply a light, non-greasy moisturizer or oil.

Final Words

A wrestler’s hair is an integral part of their persona or gimmick.

Sudden changes to hairstyles can be a powerful tool in this reinvention, signalling a fresh start or a dramatic turn in their storyline.

Whether it’s a luscious mane being shaved off or a signature colour being changed, these shifts in appearance are pivotal hence the interest around C M Punk Hair.

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