Jeff Hardy Hair (Detailed Look)

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Jeff Hardy has wowed audiences with his intricate and innovative signature moves in the ring for many years. What’s just as anticipated in the WWE universe is the Jeff Hardy Hair moments which means crazy colours and styles.

How often have you seen Jeff Hardy walk out to the ring with his wild, flowing hair in your favorite WWE matches? You probably can’t get enough of it if you’re anything like us! He’s such an incredible athlete, and his hair adds to his overall mystique. 

While we advise you NEVER try any of Jeff’s dare devil moves at home go crazy when it comes to your hair. This post should inspire you.



Jeff Hardy Hair in Colour (Signature Look)

colorful hair

jeff hardy dyed hair

His signature hairstyle has remained unchanged over his entire career, long, wet and colourful hair has meant jeff hardy being spotted from a mile away. This has also served him greatly with regards to WWE marketing the athlete. Visuals of him always contain the colourful bright hair. Video games, posters, merchandise, you name it.

Jeff has come up with many ways to play with his look over time, such as dying different parts of his hair in different colors and coloring in other areas like face paint. 

The dyeing of his hair was initially just something for fun, but since Jeff has always been one of WWE’s most popular superstars, it has also become a big part of his brand.

“Fans want to be able to replicate their favorite Superstars’ looks, and by coloring my hair in so many different ways, I’ve allowed them to do that!” He says. 

He had a lot of issues with people trying to steal his look at first, but now he embraces all of those who try to copy him because it means they appreciate what he does! 



Jeff Hardy Short Hair 

hardy short hair

Hardy has cut his hair multiple times over the years taking a break from his signature look and while this was not a buzz cut it certainly did serve as a different look from what were used too.

Jeff wore his hair above his shoulders for a small duration during his career, often dying it light blonde.

Were under the impression that Jeff took a liking into his new hair style for the simple fact that it allowed him to perform his dare devil stunts without hair getting in the way of his face.

In late 2015 Jeff started growing his hair out once more with hopes that he would be able to keep it long enough to donate it so they could make wigs for children with cancer.



Jeff Hardy Ponytail

jeff hardy pony tail

Jeff Hardy has been in World Wrestling Entertainment since his debut in 1994, and he’s one of those guys that isn’t afraid to pull out a few wild looks. 

Hardy had long hair for as long as most of us can remember, and for a time, he was sporting what looked like a ponytail coming out of his thick mane. 

However, his ponytail would serve the same purpose as his short hair did, allow him to perform moves without interference. Secondary to this was how it looked. Jeff will always be a wrestler that shocks the world with new styles, however, safety first in this instance.



The Innovator of Offense made a name for himself in wrestling history using various aerial maneuvers, including the Swanton Bomb, Swanton Bomb on top of a ladder, Twist of Fate off the top rope, and Whisper in the Wind out of the corner turnbuckle, all that aside its his hair that’s the real star of the show.


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