Ceedee Lamb Hair (Gallery)

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Since his debut for the Dallas Cowboys, we have seen Ceedee Lamb Hair styled in multiple ways with the most common being

  • 2 Strand Twists
  • 3 Strand Twists
  • Twist Outs

Contemporary athletes such as Ceedee lamb continue to influence the masses with his hair, grooming and fashion choices which is why we have decided to detail his signature dreads!



Ceedee Lamb Hair Gallery


2 Strand Twists

Throughout Ceedee Lambs social media accounts or appearances on the field your almost guaranteed to see him sporting the 2 strand twists.

His dreads also feature a few strands of bleached hair whilst having a front taper fade making them even more distinctive.

2 strand twist with dye

2 strand twists continue to be one of the most popular hairstyles amongst those with dreadlocks due to their unique appearance and protective benefits!


3 Strand Twists

The 3 strand twists once implemented on dreads appears more like a braid in that 3 strands of hair have been intertwined with one another to create this look. We have images of Ceedee Lamb Hair styled this way!

It’s also worth mentioning that 2 and 3 strand twists will make hair appear shorter due to combined twist not going in a straight line but rather going in circles, therefore his hair is shorter in this image.

3 strand twist

Our twists for men editorial details the abundance of hairstyles available to you should you be interested in similar styles.


Twist Out

Regardless of Ceedee Lambs hair in a 2 or 3 strand twist both styles benefit from the effects of a twist out once hair is unravelled.

twist out

This curly look can be seen on the player all throughout his social media and during press. The constant styling of hair means with every unravel results in the twist out.



Do your research if you want similar Dreads

While there is a lot of conflicting information with regards to dreadlocks, we still advise you to do research. The most important things at the initial stage will be to watch videos online and make notes of the peoples dreads you admire.

We should also mention that its best you avoid placing any colour or bleach in your hair for the first few months as your hair begins to develop.

Ceedee Lamb has traditional dreads (medium size) with a square grid parting around his head.


Talk to a loctician and get a Consultation

Talking to a loctician is our best advise! They are the professionals who live and breathe hair.

During the consultations locitians will be able to have a closer look at your hair type, discussion process, hair products to use and avoid and parting systems.

Ensure you save the images of your desired style to your loctician and explain what you’re looking for.



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